I know this is a long shot...

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I know this is a long shot...

Postby Tetsubo » Thu Oct 05, 2017 12:44 am

I've been working on some old Legacy style decks for War of Honor style events I want to try and run on occasion. I have a bunch of old CCG rares I recently uncovered that I want to try and trade for stuff I still need before I throw the lot up on eBay. I know its a long shot, but I might as well try.

Stuff I need:


1 The Hidden Catacombs of the Scorpion
1 Kyuden Yoritomo
1 Temple of the Eight Guardians


1 Brotherhood Sensei


1 A Time For Vengeance
1 Burning Dreams
1 Desperate Measures
1 Imperial Gift
1 Inheritance
1 The Price of Power
1 The Ruby Championship
1 The Spider's Shadow
1 Togashi's Guidance


1 Bronze Memorial
3 Den of Iniquity
3 Den of Spies
3 Imperial Messenger
3 Merchant Atoll
3 Shipyard
3 Temple Fortress
3 Temple of the Ages
2 Temple to the Elements
2 The Khan
1 Western Outpost


1 Yoritomo's Guidance
1 Saibankan's Justice


1 Oni Mura
1 Toturi's Grave


1 Shioda
1 Togashi
1 Togashi Dai
1 Togashi Satsu (EXP)
1 Togashi Satsu (EXP 2)
1 Hoshi Matsuta
2 Togashi Kazuki
2 Hyotaru
3 Kensaku
2 Moshi Hitaka
1 Moshi Sayoko (EXP)
1 Moshi Yoshinaka
3 Tamafune
1 Tsurayuki
3 Yoritomo Hanayo
1 Yoritomo Kaigen
3 Yoritomo Kiroto
1 Yoritomo Sachina
1 Agasha Miyoshi (EXP)
1 Air Dragon (EXP 2)
1 Water Dragon (EXP 2)
1 Shiba Tsukimi (EXP 4)
1 Isawa Kumai (EXP)
1 Isawa Mizuhiko (EXP)
1 K'mee (EXP 2)
4 Krn'n
4 Oh-krch
2 P-o'tch
2 Set'tch'chet
1 Ujina Kadano
1 Bayushi Jutsushi (EXP)
1 Bayushi Kaukatsu (EXP)
1 Bayushi Nitoshi
1 Shosuro Jimen (EXP 2)
3 Shosuro Kameyoi
1 Soshi Yoshihara (EXP 2)
1 Utaku Eun-Ju


1 A Game of Dice
1 Always Ready
2 Blackmailed Bride
3 Brute Force
3 Captured Convict
1 Charge
1 Cold Hands, Stone Heart
3 Contested Ownership
1 Creating Order
3 Desperate Rush
3 Detained
3 Devoured By the Sea
3 Dispensing Justice
2 Fight Another Day
3 Fires of Dishonor
2 Forewarning
3 Govern the Land
1 Hida's Avalanche
2 Hired Killer
3 Imperial Command
1 Into the Darkness
1 Lessons from Earth
2 Motivation
3 Obfuscation
1 Oblivious
2 Palm Strike
3 Reinforcements Arrive
3 Shame
1 Shell of Stone
3 Show of Good Faith
2 Sneak Attack
3 Solid Defense
2 Unfortunate Incident
3 Wayward Attack
1 Whispered Rumors


1 Blade of Champions
3 Brand of Cowardice
1 Celestial Mempo of the Scorpion Clan
1 Judgment
1 Koutetsu Shinri
1 Mempo of the Void


3 Awaken the Eighth
3 Flee the Darkness
3 Kuro's Fire
1 Might of the Kami
2 Sap the spirit
3 Seal the Way
1 Unnatural Flood


2 Ring of Fire


1 Asako House Guard
3 Moto Hunters
3 Serene Brother
3 Storm Rider Explorer
3 Tempest Island Initiate
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Re: I know this is a long shot...

Postby Tetsubo » Thu Oct 05, 2017 12:45 am

Stuff I have for Trade:

A Matter of Honor
A Soldier's Fate 4
Arrival of the Obsidian Champion
Assuming the Championship
Be Prepared to Dig Two Graves
Blanketed Forest 3
Blind Honor
Broad Front 2
Brutal Confrontation 4
Cautious Advance
Ciphered Scroll
Clash of Steel
Concealed Reserves
Contested Holding
Coward! 2
Crescent Moon Cut 3
Crosswinds Cut Style
Deadly Melee
Debt of Honor
Direct Assualt 3
Disgraceful Conduct
Draw Your Blade
Enmity 3
Excellence 2
Exhaustion 2
False Trail
Failure of Duty
Faith in My Clan
Feign Death 3
Few Against Many 3
Flanking Action 3
Flash of Steel 3
Fields of Foolish Pride
Fields of Mercy 2
Foolish Words
Forest Cleansing
Frenzied Charge
From Nowhere
Fury of Steel
Gold Buys Security
Gozoku Distraction 2
Gozoku Pawn 3
Hojatsu's Legacy Style
I Know That Trick 2
Immobile Stance 2
Impressive Resilience 3
Inner Fire
Insight 2
Insolence Punished
Jade 2
Justly Earned Victory
Kharmic Confrontation
Kokujin's Temptation 2
Lotus at Dusk
Meeting the Keepers
Misdirection 4
Mysterious Deaths
Mysteries of Kawaru 3
Nemesis 3
Ninja Kidnapper
Not Another Step
Peaceful Discourse 2
Pick Your Battles
Plans Within Plans 3
Plea of the Peasants
Political Interfence
Rank Hath Privilege 2
Recruiting Allies
Recruiting Drive 4
Resist Magic
Reverence for Chikushudo 3
Stagnant Ground
Standing Fast
Storm's Eye Style
Strength in Certainty 3
Strength of the Phoenix
Strike the Base 2
Stronger Than Steel
Superior Positioning
Superior Strategist 2
Sacrifice of Pawns
Scrutiny's Sweet Sting
Secured Ground 5
Shiba Technique 2
Shinjo's Arrow
Single Strike Style
Soul of the Clan 2
Splendid Phoenix Style
Taint the Land
The Bitter Shadow of Shame 2
The Brotherhood's Influence 3
The Empress' Address
The Fortune Smiled
The Hundred-Hand Strike
The Perfect Gift
The Shogun's Command
The Shogun's Left Hand
The Shogun's Right Hand 2
True Strength
Turn the Tide
Twisted Forest
Two-Front War 4
Unexpected Betrayal 4
Unexpected News 4
Unshakable 2
Unstoppable Force
Utter Defeat
Victory or Death
War on the Plains 3
Water is my Steel
Wedge 5
Well-Laid Plains
Where Gods Have Fallen
Will 2
You Walk With Evil

Battle Maiden Troop
Champion of Thunder
Gunso Atshushi
Gunso Chitose
Hardy Infantry 4
Heavy Cavalry
Hoshi House Guard
Iron Warriors 4
Kakita House Guard
Kenku Duelist 8
Kuruma Date
Legion of the Kami 3
Legion of the Sapphire Chrysanthemum
Legion of Pain
Monkey House Guard
Munemitsu no Oni
Obsidian Riders
Ox House Guard
Peasant Defenders 3
Peasant Laborers
Seppun Detachment
Shinsei's Legion
Strange Travelers
Student of the Tao 3
The Iron Legion 2
The Shogun's Guard
Traveling Ronin 4
Troll War Bang
Untested Troops
Veteran Spearman 2
Wandering Budoka 3
Wako 3
Watch Commander
Yobanjin Wyrm

Bamboo Forest
Blighted Region
Blood-Soaked Ground
Celestial Road
City of the Rich Frog
Fields of Pyrrhic Victory 2
Hidden City 3
Kaeru Fields
Kaiu Fortress
Kaiu Village
Overflowing Fields 5
Plains of Otosan Uchi
Sacred Grove
Shrine of Humility
Togashi's Shrine
Tormented Plains 2
Treacherous Plains
The Barbarian Wall 3
Valley of Heroes

A Dragons Caress
Bairei's Vigil
Blood and Chaos
Blood Command
Cascading Fire 2
Cloak of Night
Companion Spirit
Dark Divination 3
Doom of Fu Leng
Essence of Gaki-do 2
Guarded by Chi 3
Purity of the Seven Thunders
Rite of Travel
Seeking the Way
Shiba's Promise 2
Strange Magics
Strength of the Forge
Swallowed by the Sea
The Fury of Osano-Wo
The Iron Citadel
Touch of Death 2
Banish All Shadows
Calling the East Wind
Cast Aside Appearances
Jigoku's Rage
Martial Instruction
Mitsu's Return
Wrath of the Keepers
Written in Blood

Castle Gate
Court Chambers
Family Library 3
Fu Leng's Tomb 2
Glassblower 3
Govenor's Court
Isawa Ariminhime
Kisada's Shrine
Legacy of My Ancestors
Phoenix Library
Secluded Outpost
Seiden Sanzo 2
Seppen Holl
Shrine of Compassiob
Shrine of Courage
Shrine of Duty
Shrine of Fu Leng
Shrine to Benten 3
Shrine to Bishamon
Shrine to Daikoku
Shrine to Hotei 2
Shrine to Osano-Wo 9
Smuggler Agent
South Hub Village
Temple of Intiation
Temple of Unity 3
The Hidden Heart of Iuchiban 2
Tower of the Ningyo
Tortoise Ambassador
Troublesome Bureaucrat 2
Tsuma Dojo
Yobanjin Fortress

Ancestral Reverance
Birth and Death
Birth of the Sword
Boundless Sight
Call of Thunder
Celestial Alignment
Chrysanthemum Festival
Commanding Favor
Courtly Sabotage 2
Death of the Heartless 2
Doom of the Dark Lord
Equal Match
Fall From the Heavens
Far From The Empire 2
Fortune's Gift
Goemon's Ascension
I Am Ready
Ki-Rin's Exodus
Losing the Way
My Enemy's Weakness 2
New Year's Celebration
New Emerald Champion
No Mercy
Oath to the Empire
Occult Murders
One Thousand Years of Peace
Proposal of Peace
Second Doom of the Crane
Second Doom of the Dragon
Second Doom of the Lion
Second Doom of the Scorpion
Second Doom of the Unicorn 2
Severed From the Emperor
Shattered Focus 2
Shining Son2
Shinjo Slings
Silence the Future
Test of the Kami
The Last Prophecy
Unexpected Assualt
Wrath of the Bloodspeaker 2
Wrath of the Emperor
Wrath of the People 3

Clan cards:

Kaiu Shiro
Kyuden Hida
Razor's Edge Dojo
Temple of Persistance
The Citadel of the Hiruma
Tenshu Sensei
Umasu Sensei 2
Hida Isamu 3
Hida Kisada 2
Hida Reiha
Hida Shara 2
Hiruma Todori 2
Kuni Kiyoshi 3
Yasuki Jinn-Kuen 3

Mountain's Shadow Dojo
Shizuka Toshi 5
Twin Forks City
Kedamono Sensei
Mihoko Sensei
Toshimoko no Shiryo
Asahina Aoshi
Asahina Ekei
Asahina Sekawa (EXP 3)
Asahina Sekawa (EXP 2) 2
Daidoji Kikaze
Daidoji Kikaze (EXP) 2
Doji Domotai (EXP 2).
Doji Masako
Doji Masaru (EXP)
Doji Reju (EXP 3)
Doji Tanitsu (EXP)
Doji Tanitsu (EXP 2)
Doji Yasuyo (EXP 2)
Kakita Benkei
Kakita Mai (EXP) 2
Kakita Nakazo 2
Kakita Noritoshi (EXP)
Kakita Soichi

Tetsu Kama Mura
The Temple of Hoshi
Someisa Sensei
Uso Sensei
Hoshi Wayan (EXP 2)
Kitsuki Ryushi 2
Mirumoto Kenzo (EXP) 2
Mirumoto Masae
Mirumoto Rosanjin (EXP 2) 3
Mirumoto Ryosaki (EXP)
Tamori Emina
Tamori Shaitang (EXP)
Tamori Shiki
Togashi Kanaye
Togashi Matsuo (EXP)
Togashi Tsuri
Togashi Satsu (EXP 3)

Kenson Gakka
Kyuden Ikoma 2
Noble Halls of the Akodo 2
Shiro no Yojin
The Honorable Garrison of the Lion
The Kitsu Tombs 2
Venerable Plains of the Ikoma
Gohei Sensei 2
Setai Sensei 2
Yokutsu no Shiryo
Akodo Katsumoto
Akodo Kano
Akodo Dagurasu
Akodo Mino
Akodo Osamu
Akodo Terumoto 2
Ikoma Fujimaro (EXP)
Ikoma Korin (EXP)
Ikoma Tatsunori
Ikoma Yasuko 2
Matsu Aoiko (EXP) 3
Matsu Benika (EXP) 3
Matsu Kenji 2

Aramasu's Pride
Castle of the Wasp
Houritsu Mura
Shosuku Sensei
Moshi Hinome (EXP)
Tsuruchi Amaya
Tsuruchi Etsui (EXP)
Tsuruchi Masako
Tsuruchi Nobumoto (EXP)
Tsuruchi Okame (EXP)
Tsuruchi Risako
Yoritomo Naizen (EXP)
Yoritomo Rai
Yoritomo Tadame 2
Yoritomo Utemaro

Brilliant Rebirth Temple
City of Tears
Kyuden Agasha
Morning Glory Castls
The New Foundries
Yoma Sensei
Yasu no Shiryo
Agasha Shaku 2
Asako Bairei (EXP)
Asako Bairei (EXP 3)
Fire Dragon (EXP 2)
Isawa Aiya 3
Isawa Mino 4
Isawa Sezaru
Kaneka 2
Shiba Aikune (EXP 2)
Shiba Aikune (EXP 3) 3
Shiba Ningen (EXP 2)
Shiba Rae
Shiba Yoma (EXP 2)
Tamori Nakamuro 3

Warrens of the One Tribe
The Winter Warren 3
Tomorrow Sensei
Wikki'thich-hie G'ni'ch
Ikm'atch-tek 2
Ikm'atch-tek (EXP) 2
Ratling Raider
Shinbone Warpack 5
Yoee'trr 2

Seven Stings Keep
Tangen Sensei
Tishi Sensei
Bayushi Kageki (EXP)
Bayushi Kamman (EXP)
Bayushi Kaukatsu (EXP 2) 3
Bayushi Muhita (EXP)
Bayushi Ryuzaburo 2
Bayushi Sunetra (EXP 2) 3
Bayushi Tsimaru (EXP)
Shosuro Aroru (EXP) 3
Shosuro Kyuichi
Shosuro Mikado (EXP) 2
Yogo Honami

Northern Provinces of the Moto 2
Shinden Horiuchi 3
Shiro Shinjo 2
The Khol Wall
The Shintome Halls
Tadaji Sensei
Tsusung Sensei 3
Shirasu no Shiryo
Akasha (Naga Border)
Akasha (Unicorn border) 4
Moto Chagatai 2
Moto Chagatai (EXP 2)
Moto Chagatai (EXP 4)
Moto Chai
Moto Chen (EXP)
Moto Chen (EXP2) 3
Moto Gonnohyoe
Moto Hanzhi 2
Moto Ogedei 3
Moto Xiao
Ide Tang (EXP)
Shinjo Jinturi 3
Shinjo Nakaga
Shinjo Turong (EXP)
Utaku Etsuko
Utaku Etsumi
Utaku Uzuki

The Forgotten Temple
The Governor's Estate
Gozoku Sensei
Air Dragon 2
Chiang-Tsu 2
Earth Dragon 2
Fire Dragon
Keeper of Air
Keeper of Earth
Keeper of Fire
Keeper of Water 6
Keeper of the Void
Miya Nishio
Obsidian Dragon 2
Sennin 4
Seppun Kiharu
Shadow Dragon
Tawagoto (EXP)
Thunder Dragon
Void Dragon 3

Jigoku Sensei
Akuma No Oni (EXP 2)
Daigotsu 2
Daigotsu Rekai (EXP 3)
Daigotsu Rekai (EXP 4) 2
Daigotsu Susumu
Janma Suru (EXP)
Kokujin (EXP 3)
Kokujin Konetsu (EXP)
Minikui no Oni
Moto Tsume
Nairu no Oni (EXP) 3
Omoni (EXP 2)
Oni no Tsuburu
Suiteiru no Oni (EXP)
The Demon Bride of Fu Leng
Voitagi (EXP)
Wareta no Oni 2

Ancestral Armor of the Phoenix
Ancient Armor 2
Ancient Sword
Anvil of Earth
Armor of Earth 2
Blade of Guile 4
Blade of Hubris 2
Blade of the Master 3
Broken Sword of the Lion
Celestial Sword of the Crane
Celestial Sword of the Phoenix
Celestial Sword of the Phoenix (EXP)
Celestial Sword of the Unicorn
Chuda Hankyu 2
Daisho of Water 2
Emma-O's Amulet
Fireworks 3
Golden Mirror
Golden Obi of the Sun Goddess
Gunsen of Water
Helm of Thunder
Hero's Banner 2
J'uma Jirushi 3
Merchant's Wagon 2
Oni-Daikyu 2
Rosoku's Urn
Seed of the Void
Shakuhachi of Air 3
Suru's Mempo
The Armor of the Golden Samurai
The Emerald Armor
The Imperial Standard
Thuk-Kigi's War Machine
Tsudao's Tanto
Utaku Stallion 3
Writ of Justice
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