WTB Imperial and Jade Mon Back Strongholds

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WTB Imperial and Jade Mon Back Strongholds

Postby Kaiu Tex » Thu Mar 08, 2018 7:16 pm

I need 40 of each. yall lemme know
8F 4C Kaiu Tekkusu -HR * 13GC * 0PH
Crab Clan * Yokozuna* Hōtō-sha * Kolat * Unique

Enters play dishonored.
Tekkusu cannot be Dishonored or Rehonored
Switch Tekkusu's Force and Chi if an Item is attached.
May refuse Unrefusable Challenges
Any honor loss targeting Tekkusu is increased by 2 and may not be negated or Modified

Battle: Bow Tekkusu: Double his force. Bow any number of opposing personalities with combined Force less than or equal to his. Destroy Tekkusu after Battle Resolution
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