Help me finish my crab collection

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Help me finish my crab collection

Postby Ikoma Hida Suba » Tue Oct 06, 2015 12:27 pm

Hi Guys!

I want to finish my crab collection, and I am looking for some personalities. These are missing (including all reprints, all foils, all promos). If you have anything, plesase pm me, i think we can make a business. Thank you for your help!

Here are my lists.
Born a Lion, but a Crab until death.

2011. Budapest Kotei - 10th (SPC)
2012. Budapest Kotei - 5th (KHxp)
2012. Budapest Kotei, Second Chance - Winner (KHxp)
2015. Budapest Kotei - 4th, Top Crab (UFotC)
2015. Budapest Kotei, Big Deck - Winner (SPC)
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