Imperial edition crab cards for sale

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Imperial edition crab cards for sale

Postby zimboy69 » Sat Feb 27, 2016 7:23 am

I used to play L5R up untill the year 2001 when i got married and this week i was going through my attic and found my old L5R cards
my main clan was crab i pretty much collected every crab card out

From the imperial edition I pretty much have every single crab card ( I might be missing some but i purchased every single one I saw and i dont think i missed any )

I know when I got them at the time some where hard to get

my collection has the following
Hida Kisada
Hida Sukune
Crab: Hida Yakamo (Oni) x3
Crab: Hida Yakamo (Hero)
Ancestral Sword of the Crab Clan

Ancestral armor of the Crab Clan

infact ive also got a lot from the jade and gold editon as well

pretty much every weapon or armor or hero but i might be missing a few

now if i remember right i also have a promo card for hida sukune which was given away at a gen con or something like this
I also have a card roll which has about 100 cards on it all uncut all commons i think but this is in very bad condition when i found it in the attic
but if framed then maybe make a great poster

if any one was interested in these cards i could take some pictures of the collection
they have always been kept in card holders and looked after because of the age and they have been used they do show small signs of wear

i am not even sure if these cards can still be used in the game so they would be more for a crab collector than anything

I also have cards for other clans including Ancestral Sword of the Crane Clan and a water dragon but i have 1000's of cards so maybe something you might want
I also pretty much had every hero from early editions for the crane clan but i am not exactly sure what ive had

plus lots of other rares ,un-commons, and commons
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