Hachi 'N Skate

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Hachi 'N Skate

Postby Yasuki Binbo » Thu Feb 01, 2018 8:14 pm

Okay gang got bored with the birth of Kuon deck and can't get hate******** to work for my style. Her is my thoughts on the HachiRokuGone.

Focus of the deck is to be as frugal as early as I can then pound away when i have the moneys to do so.

Shiro Nishiyama
Keeper of Earth
Manicured Garden Air
Guardians of the Seikitsu Earth
Night Raid Fire
Pilgrimage Void
Rally to the Cause Water
Influence: 11/13, 2 remaining
Dynasty Deck (40)
Character (34)
2x Borderlands Defender
3x Eager Scout
2x Hida Guardian
3x Hida Kisada
2x Intimidating Hida
3x Kaiu Envoy
3x Kaiu Shuichi
2x Miya Satoshi
3x Shrewd Yasuki
3x Steadfast Witch Hunter
3x Stoic Magistrate
3x Vanguard Warrior
2x Yasuki Taka
Holding (6)
2x Favorable Ground
1x Funeral Pyre
2x Iron Mine
1x Karada District
Conflict Deck (40)
Event (21)
2x Banzai!
2x Charge!
3x Court Games
2x Levy
2x Policy Debate
2x Raise the Alarm
2x Rebuild
2x Rout
2x The Mountain Does Not Fall
2x Way of the Crab
Attachment (15)
3x Duelist Training ///
2x Fine Katana
2x Kakita Blade ////
2x Ornate Fan
3x Reprieve
3x Watch Commander
Character (4)
2x Hiruma Skirmisher
2x Political Rival ////
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