EuroChamps Imperial Yojimbo Winner

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EuroChamps Imperial Yojimbo Winner

Postby Togashi Mouchliazo » Tue Nov 01, 2011 10:14 am

So, after arriving in Dublin in Thursday, I met up again with the greek team after two months and played some friendly games. I lost nearly every one of them, and while the beer drinking kept me from doing anything about it right then, I decided to scrap the deck completely and go for something new. Friday morning, i was scrambling to find obscure commons and IG2 cards, and this is approximately what I came up with. It's not the exact decklist cause i changed some cards for Saturday and again for on Sunday, but the Dynasty is more or less the same.

Kyuden Hida Exp
Border Keep Exo
Bamboo non-exp

3xToritaka Chokichi
3xThe Shakash
3xHiruma Nikaru
1xHiruma Aki exp
1xPokku exp
1xGutobo exp

3xIron Mine
3xAgeless Shrine
2xColonial Harbor
3xRecruitment Officer
1xTraveling Peddler
1xChugo Seido
1xExpendable Resources

1xJurojin's Guidance
1xStone of Remembrance

3xHunting the Daughter
3xPeasant Vengeance
3xDisruptiong Communications
3xOnly Actions Speak
2xSeeking the Truth
2xShameful and Cowardly
2xSundering Strike
2xSuperior Mobility
2xYojimbo's Duty
2xBorder Ambush
1xA Game of Dice
1xCreating Order
1xRing of Water
2xHeart of Darkness
2xFlanked by Nightmares
2xStrategic Strike
2xEffortless Counterattack

Other cards that have been in and out of the deck at various times in the weekend are broken alliance, beloved of the clan, the 3rd copy of something 2x, even a Fury of the Dark Lord.
All in all, the deck performed far better than I expected. On Friday I won 3 Crabs in the Swiss, including Salman who I played again in the Finals, Dimitris Giannakis with Phoenix water shuggies who finished 6th and top Phoenix in the main event, a very friendly, if unlucky, Polish guy with Forgotten Temple Goblins and lost to Eric, with his LDD dishonor, who, as you can imagine, is practically an autoloss for this deck.
In the semi's, I played against Frederic's SPC Killing Machine control deck, who I met again in the first round of swiss on Saturday.
The finals were two intense games against Salman, whom I also met on the last round of Swiss on saturday, so all in all I went a total of 4-0 against him, hopefully giving him a reason to come in every following Eurochamps and claim his Revenge! :D

I was really lucky throughout the tournament, as I won the dice roll twice against Frederic, probably what tipped the matchup in my favor, and played a total of probably 12 or 13 copies of Oblivious in my 4 games against Salman. Jurojin's was an absolut MVP card, and at least 60% of the decks ran it.
My story pick, pending Story Team approval, is to create a new character (characters from SC and FL where also valid candidates) for the position of Yojimbo to Togashi Satsu, Voice of the Empress. I'd really like it if he had something to do with Hida Sozen, like his son/nephew/pupil whatever and had some small connection with the Dragon Clan (like one parent, or an exchange student).

In the main event, I faced Frederic again, an SSP mantis blitz, and four honorrunners in a row (two embassy, two lsc, lost to one each) and lastly Salman. 5-2 meant I had to play an extra elimination round to get to top16, and i was paired with Jean-Baptiste Laroche (embassy), whom I play all the time here in paris. He beat me soundly 2-0 and deservedly moved on to top16.

I also won the reward for most/best ripping of stone of remebrance. I tore one in half to protect my Nijugun from Toritaka arrows and another on Saturday to stay the rage of peasants against Hiruma Nikaru. Man, tearing cards in half is so much fun, we should do it more often, especially if it's for a good cause!

All in all, I was very very happy with my tournament results, had an incredible fun time, met (or met again) amazing people, I was glad to also assist as a judge on Sunday.

This European Championship in Dublin was a huge success, no mean feat with all the unfortunate weather complications, and a real feather in the cap of the Irish crew. A real heart-felt thanks to everyone of you.
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Re: EuroChamps Imperial Yojimbo Winner

Postby HidaHayabusa » Tue Nov 01, 2011 10:38 am


Congratulations, although I told you in person. You should also add the signature that Salman asked you.

Deck rocks, but as I keep telling people, there were many decks like this it's not the cards that made the difference.
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Re: EuroChamps Imperial Yojimbo Winner

Postby Hida Cammie » Tue Nov 01, 2011 12:58 pm

Congrats on the win Kostas. 2 Heart of Darkness and Stone of rememberance really screwed me up in that first game! :beer:
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Re: EuroChamps Imperial Yojimbo Winner

Postby Hida Tadama » Tue Nov 01, 2011 11:31 pm

Haha! What a great deck, I loved the new nonhuman stuff (Nagas and Oblivious) but did not seriously think of changing my scout deck into a nonhuman... very cool. Congratulations.
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Re: EuroChamps Imperial Yojimbo Winner

Postby hidoi609 » Sat Nov 05, 2011 9:03 pm

shouldn't that be jurojin's blessing instead of guidance?
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Re: EuroChamps Imperial Yojimbo Winner

Postby HidaHayabusa » Sun Nov 06, 2011 3:46 am

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Re: EuroChamps Imperial Yojimbo Winner

Postby the shiny yasuki » Sun Nov 06, 2011 2:49 pm

Congratulations again from me.

Nice Sig ;)
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