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Postby Hidasaurus » Tue Oct 24, 2017 3:45 pm

CarneKisada wrote:
Hidasaurus wrote:
CarneKisada wrote:In my testing Display of Power is not very good.

Would just go Pacifismx3 and Seeker of Knowledge x3, call it a day.

I would like to hear more about your reasoning. I am debating DoP. It does cost a lot, but it's effect can be quite significant. Still not sold on Phoenix as my splash though I do think it is a strong option.

I am wondering if it would even be worth splashing Phoenix w/o display of power though. I like pasifism but at 2 cost I am concerned of Let Go being too prominent currently. If I didn't go DoP I think I'd rather splash crane, dragon, or possibly others before Phoenix.
Well, I find Against the Waves, Pacifism and Seeker best.

Yes, being able to steal a ring is nice with DoP. But it costs 2 and you still probably lose a province.

Against the Waves can win you a conflict, then take Air with Seeker. So you can bow one of their Shugenja or you can use it on Witchhunter.... If you have an Eager Scout or Initiate, you could use the Witchhunter in three conflicts. So being able to bow down On opponent's character or abusing Witchhunter is good.

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Thanks for reply. I agree with Seeker and Pacifism being strong cards. A little surprised with Against the Waves. No denying it is a strong card, but do you find it a dead card in hand very often. I hope to have one witchhunter on the board most the game if I can, so maybe it isn't as situational as I am thinking. Just think it may feel like a dead card vs many matchups.

Let me know your success with it, and I may give it a try right after worlds.
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