Crab Resource Denial

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Crab Resource Denial

Postby Doji Kuribe » Sun Nov 12, 2017 12:04 pm

Dynasty Deck (40)
Character (32)
3x Eager Scout
3x Hida Kisada
2x Hiruma Yōjimbō
3x Intimidating Hida
3x Kaiu Envoy
3x Kaiu Shuichi
3x Keeper Initiate
3x Shrewd Yasuki
3x Staunch Hida
3x Steadfast Witch Hunter
3x Vanguard Warrior

Holding (8)
1x Borderlands Fortifications
3x Funeral Pyre
3x Imperial Storehouse
1x Karada District

Conflict Deck (40)
Event (21)
2x Assassination
3x Banzai!
1x Charge!
3x Court Games
2x Good Omen
3x Levy
2x Rebuild
2x Spies at Court
3x Way of the Crab

Attachment (11)
2x Fine Katana
3x Ornate Fan
3x Reprieve
3x Watch Commander

Character (8)
3x Goblin Sneak
2x Hiruma Ambusher
3x Meek Informant ///


Basically the idea here is to choke out the opponent of honor and fate, in an ideal scenario ending with them being forced to bottom out with Levy.

Not as much military power as regular Crab but so far I have what I need. Ideally you get Kisada out early and keep him around forever so he can do Kisada things.
I'm constantly attacking military Earth with him to deny the opponent cards, make up for never bidding for cards, and get Keeper Initiates to toss into the pyres. They also do a pretty good job of keeping the favor around.

I'm trying to run some things from Tears of Amaterasu for testing. Not sure about Staunch Hida. I've only seen her once, but she did what she's supposed to do though it wasn't that effective. I only saw Karada District once, and against a deck running almost no attachments so it did nothing.

Meek Informant might seem odd, but I often find myself needing a political chump and seeing their hand helps me to know when I need to try and get rid of their cards, or go all out on attacking because they have a garbage hand. He's actually been super useful. Not currently any other splash because I'm waiting for Backhanded Compliment. I was running Forged Edict but I took it out since I have few courtiers. An earlier version had Otomo Courtier and even with those I only was able to Edict once despite wanting to use it many times, so I cut it completely to add a third Reprieve and Good Omen to try and keep my big people around.
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