My first crack at pincer alliance military in new5r

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Re: My first crack at pincer alliance military in new5r

Postby shineyorkboy » Thu Jan 25, 2018 3:14 am

Dynasty: I'm seeing a distinct lack of Keeper Initiates which is a great source of sacrificial bodies and swarm defenders. I'd cut the Stoic Magistrate for them since he also shuts down your cheap defenders.

Conflict: I'd cut Jade Tetsubo since I'm not a fan of 2 fate attachments. I think you can also get away with cutting Reprieve since you're running Iron Mines.

I'd also do -1 Backhanded Compliment, +1 Calling in Favors, -1 Rebuild, +1 Banzai, -1 Hiruma Ambusher, and +1 Hiruma Skirmisher.
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