Crab/Unicorn with dishonor on the side.

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Crab/Unicorn with dishonor on the side.

Postby Brother Benjiro » Sun Apr 29, 2018 5:18 am

While the goal is to take provinces, I've slotted in some dishonor tech to take advantage of all my card draw.

Total Conflict: (40) Total Dynasty: (40)

Total Influence: (13/13)

1x Defend the Wall (Core Set #8)
1x Fertile Fields (Core Set #18)
1x Night Raid (Core Set #21) //SH Province.
1x Rally to the Cause (Core Set #23)
1x Shameful Display (Core Set #24)

Character [Dynasty]: (33)
3x Crisis Breaker (Fate Has No Secrets #82)
3x Hida Guardian (Core Set #26)
3x Hida Kisada (Core Set #37)
3x Intimidating Hida (Core Set #32) //I tried Amoro in this slot, but he only really worked if I was already winning.
3x Shrewd Yasuki (Core Set #29)
2x Staunch Hida (Tears of Amaterasu #3)
2x Steadfast Witch Hunter (Core Set #35)
3x Stoic Magistrate (For Honor and Glory #23)
3x Vanguard Warrior (Core Set #30)
3x Keeper Initiate (Core Set #124)
3x Miya Satoshi (Meditations on the Ephemeral #112) //The deck runs so much smoother when I see him 1st turn.

Holding: (9)
1x Funeral Pyre (Core Set #39)
3x Iron Mine (Meditations on the Ephemeral #103)
1x Karada District (Tears of Amaterasu #4)
3x Imperial Storehouse (Core Set #129)
1x The Imperial Palace (The Chrysanthemum Throne #72)

Character [Conflict]: (2/10)
2x Hiruma Skirmisher (Into the Forbidden City #50)

Attachment: (13)
3x Spyglass (Core Set #193) //I also mulligan hard for this card.
2x Talisman of the Sun (Meditations on the Ephemeral #119) //Trying these out in combination with "defend the wall". They could be replaced with 1x "iuchi wayfinder" and 1x "captive audience"
3x Reprieve (Core Set #132)
2x Seal of the Crab (Into the Forbidden City #51)
3x Watch Commander (Core Set #133)

Event: (25)
3x Gaijin Customs (The Chrysanthemum Throne #79)
3x Levy (Core Set #135)
3x Rebuild (Core Set #136)
3x The Mountain Does Not Fall (Core Set #138)
1x Way of the Crab (Core Set #137)
1x Assassination (Core Set #203) //I could run more, but I either don't have targets or the honor to spare.
2x Banzai! (Core Set #204)
3x Charge! (Core Set #210)
2x Court Games (Core Set #206)
1x Policy Debate (For Honor and Glory #40)
2x Rout (Core Set #213)
1x Spies at Court (Core Set #209)
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