[Fall 2015 Kotei] Stockon Kotei

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[Fall 2015 Kotei] Stockon Kotei

Postby WiseGuy » Sun Oct 25, 2015 8:11 pm

There was the last official UK Kotei for Legend of the Five Rings​ this weekend.

I won the Honour contest which was a test of skill to craft three haiku one each on the subjects of "Past", "Present" and "Future".

And me being a simple Hiruma Scout player. :D

In the seven years I have played this is the only the second contest I have won (the only other being a theme deck prize which I "won" by default by being the only theme deck present :)).

I didn't mention this at the time (I was too stunned at having won), but I would like to dedicate this win to the late Jennifer Flanagan Lavere and in remembrance of her bright soul.

Also of note there were four Crab players present and between us we played the deck themes of all of the Crab families (Hida Berserkers Smashing, Hiruma and Toritaka Scouts, Yasuki Dishonour/Economy and Kaiu Fortification/Smithing decks).

Thanks to everyone involved and especially Stuart Siddons for running and Beanie Games​ for hosting the event.

Certainly ending this chapter of L5R on a high note of an event for me. :)
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