Gencon 2014: Midnight Madness (Update: additional events)

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Gencon 2014: Midnight Madness (Update: additional events)

Postby togashi naruta » Mon Aug 04, 2014 4:46 pm

Midnight Madness - 11:30pm Thurs. Aug. 14th (In the AEG L5R area)

Entry Fee - Free

Unlike a Legacy tournament, this is a full open with no banned or restricted cards. Looking to play that "4 Walls All Emperors" deck? Got a "7 Thunders" or Kitsune deck you want to try? Bought an interesting starter for an old set? Have a Drew Baker or April Lee deck that just needs to be played? Looking to use that "Designer Wins" one more time? Come on down. Assorted prizes.


I'm going to break the tournament into two groups.

Group A. All the prizes for that group will be split between 1st and 2nd place.

Group B. All participants will get prizes, with a little more going to the winner.

There will also be an open draft using old packs. for now, I'm going to cut this off at 16 player, contacting me to sign up is encouraged, but not required.

Any questions, contact or reply in this forum.

(Please do not contact AEG with questions, they are not running this tournament)
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