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[Fall 2014] Name a Trait - Level 10 - New Orleans, LA

PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2014 11:37 pm
by Hida Kyuzo
Level 10 Stronghold Event: NAME A TRAIT

The winner of this level event may select ANY Flavor Trait they desire for a future personality of the Clan they played with. This Flavor Trait must be approved by the Story Team and the Design Team. Thus the winner will work with Story/Design to come up with a satisfactory result.

Format: Ivory Strict
(please bring a printed copy of your decklist!)
Time: Saturday, October 18th, registration starts at 1pm, first round at 2pm
Place: Plus 1 Gaming in Metairie
Cost: $10

And here's the big payout:
    1 box of Line on the Sand to split among the top 4
    1 box of Line in the Sand to split among tops of Clan (if min. 12 players show up)
    Free play mat for 1st - 4th place (if min. 16 players show up)
    Rare set from Line in the Sand for 1st and 2nd place
    Up to 3x alternate art Incapacitated (if more than 25 show up, it'll go down to 2x)
    A pack of Coils of Madness for each player for each round played (while supplies last)
    Raffles throughout the day for alt art promos and other goodies

1:00 - Registration opens
1:45 - Announcements
2:00 - First round begins
3:00 - Round 2 begins
4:00 - Round 3 begins
5:00 - Round 4 begins
6:00 - dinner break
7:00 - Additional rounds and cut rounds as necessary

About the Venue: Plus 1 Gaming is nestled comfortably in one of the busiest commercial areas in the New Orleans area. The store carries a large selection of board games, cards games, miniatures, and other gaming-related products. It seats up to 50 comfortably and can easily convert the miniatures area to card tables to seat more than 100 for large events. The store is family owned and operated by friendly, knowledgeable, lifelong gamers. A great multitude of food options are within easy walking distance, including neighborhood favorites Pi (Italian), Brooklyn Pizzeria, Sake Cafe (Japanese cuisine) and Phoenicia (Mediterranean), along with well-known brands like Izzo's, Houston's, Chili's, Starbucks, Pinkberry, and lots more. The store itself also provides a selection of snack foods and Community Coffee brand coffee and teas.

Additional Info: PM me!