Winner's Tournament Report, The Dreamer's Journal (11/22)

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Winner's Tournament Report, The Dreamer's Journal (11/22)

Postby Hida Koutetsu » Sun Nov 23, 2014 2:12 pm

Game 1: Josh Weis (Crane/Tadanobu Sensei Dueling Honor)

Josh is a relatively inexperienced player, and I gently remind him a couple of times that the Crane box no longer retains its gold bonus through the Dynasty phase, and that the Interrupt window has to be taken when the action is announced, not after resolution (so yes, Tadanobu is not so good with refusable duels). Hida Kozan shows up either before my first or second attack, locking down a defender (Soeka?) on his turn and another on mine, and that province falls easily. He gets out the governor (bow dishonored guy and increase province strength), so I stop sending a body or two to battles; at one point Come One at a Time falls, and while I lose one person, the Dark Naga Ambushers do their job and stop that train. Military victory with his honor at 28. 1-0

Game 2: Dan Jacobson (Crab/Tsujiken Sensei Dishonor)

Chicago Fight! We brought six people out of the 23 in the tournament, so "same-car" matches are inevitable.

My gold decides to not show up in any reasonable quantity, and while I fight it for a while, Dan gets the clock going quickly with two BCIs and Shairei, along with The Company You Keep, in multiples, with recycling. I get out two 1PH personalities and leave it at that for a bit too long. I attach my invested Spider Elite Sohei before attacking, offering tastier targets but more credibly threatening his provinces. In mid-game I split for two and take two undefended provinces, with the help of Heavy Infantry Dojo and Contentious Terrain. In the end, I miscalculated the end gallop and failed to buy people on the penultimate turn when I thought I might be able to stick it out through one more attack phase. He drives me under, decisively, with a sandbagged TCYK to seal my fate. 1-1

Game 3: Mike Kirchegesner (Lion/Satoru Sensei Military)

Two early Moritokis help me take the first province; he favors one home, and with two Coward!s in hand, I attempt to drag in his melee attack Lion to join Ichimoko; each time he refuses and lets me draw more cards, including a third copy of Coward! which I also use. Finally, I use a Spider Elite Sohei drawn into to take the province over his defender. In that battle, we played Contentious/Contentious/Contentious (ending with mine). His return attack does not go well for him, and with a Shinoda and others defending, plus a well-stocked hand of force bonuses, I overwhelm his attacking army. He scoops, seeing my army only getting larger as he has lost multiple people. 2-1

LUNCH! Seoul Taco in University City, had a big Bulgogi Bowl... faaaaaantastic.

Game 4: Chris Justice (Lion/Satoru Sensei Military)

Only a mild economy start for me, which stabilizes in the mid-game. He takes first province, but I have a turn with Hida Kisada and other defenders available, and apparently his deck works entirely on numerics. I regroup and regain tempo, and his removal (geared at high-force Crab, but not high-force Crab with Kisada) cannot save him despite a wide array of cheap personalities. He drops 9G on the attack to kill my invested Spider Elite Sohei, though at that point I have the retrieved one plus a second drawn one in hand, both of which enter play later. At one point the only target for his Lion stronghold was Matsu Agai for +2F, the rest of his army being 3x Zenathaar and 2x Kitsu Miro. He scoops when he sees the long-term game coming -- even though the Zenathaars could retreat, losing the remainder would hamstring him, and Kisada is his albatross. 3-1

Game 5: Andrew Kreft (Spider Fear/Dueling Military)

Another Chicago fight. At this point, four of us are doing well, so sadly this game decides which Chicagoan advances. Adrienne is playing against another on the table below, and Dan takes a tie at the head table so he and Tom K both advance.

My gold start is good, his is mediocre. He has to flush two Yanadas early, and buys his third when his gold doesn't stabilize; meanwhile, his Ivory Courtrooms have showed up early so he doesn't maintain favor control. With the help of a Kozan double-tap, I take a relatively easy province, losing one unit then killing his third Yanada with a Dark Naga Ambusher, then step into defense on a split attack. He duels with Oneiyara + Okura is Released, fatally, and attempts to take out a bowed attacker with Stand or Run, using a 3 Chi duelist against my 3 Chi person. I stare at my hand, and focus twice from my hand. He focuses once from hand and once from top of deck; knowing his deck, I choose to strike -- I focused two 4s, he focused a 4 and a 2. He groans at the mistake, showing me two other 4s in his hand. At that point I've stolen the possibility of him winning that battle, and he scoops. 4-1

X-1 Round: Adrienne Payette (Unicorn/Takeru Sensei Honor): Best of One

The Chicago gauntlet continues, as Adrienne has won her Table 5 match. We have to square off now to determine who moves to Top 4 against Dan.

I start attacking early, with barely enough force to take the province, drawing her actions out. In the middle game, she drops Void and the two cards in her hand to refill back to two -- her honor acceleration has proceeded marvelously and she is at 27 before I realize it (I had to stop and recreate a couple of steps to confirm that). I take out a PPG and Carpenter Shrine in a successful split attack, and the second split is a bit more interesting, as she defends at one and drops an Encircled Terrain but has few other options left. I am able to use a combination of opposed force bonuses and penalties, plus Spider Elite Sohei, to get a single province-crusher to leave in place. With her either on the cusp of 40 or just crossed, I take her last province. 5-1

Top 4: Dan Jacobson: Best of Three

CHICAGO SHOWDOWN. Third teammate in a row, and it's a rematch with my one loss from Swiss.

First game: my gold is solid and Dan doesn't get the PH-based losses he needs early enough. I start taking provinces regularly and am not in danger of dropping under -20. Dan scoops to go to game 2. 6-1

Second game: my gold craps on me harder than Cartman's mom in a German porn video. The gold never stabilizes, at all. I lose quickly. 6-2

Third game: much harder fought. Dan drops Void on Turn 1. With The Company You Keep factoring heavily, he keeps my honor gains under control. I take at least one undefended province, with assistance. He gets enough elements to control some of my gold limiting my gains, but I am able to slowly accelerate my gold. He drops every trick in his hand to keep me from taking one province. Dan also gets a good bomb card late (Uncovered Plans) so that I have to split on the last set, but using Spider Elite Sohei fetch on subsequent turns has kept my available force high, and in the end, at -18 honor or less, I have enough oomph to overcome his defended final province. 7-2

I have finally broken my personal Jacobson Curse (every time Dan and I have faced each other in T4, he has consistently knocked me out), and advance to the finals.

Finals: Tom Kirchegesner (Mantis Kensai Military)

2013 World Champion Tom K! We've faced each other in various midwest events, and always have good games.

First game: My opening gold is solid! Iron Mine + Humble House, giving me 9G turn 2. He gets a standard Mantis 3x 2G flip. My turn two is somewhat annoying, with poor purchase combos: Myuken, Shinoda, Second City Market and Maiko. I look at my hand and elect to buy Shinoda. On turn 3, I Tac for 4 and Contentious to take a province, then use the same 9G to buy the two 4G people and the Second City Market. I take the favor for defense before he can attack me, and stabilize my gold by fetching a Coastal Lane. He comes in against Shinoda, Myuken and Hiruma Itta with a Dairu + Opportune Weapon and a couple of others. We trade force bonuses and penalties, and I don't target Shinoda when he is dropped to 3F, thinking he is safe. Dairu bows for the Kensai Melee equal to force minus 2, disabusing me of that notion. He drops Itta in force with the repeatable Port to get him to 2F and in range of the Opportune, at which point Itta bugs out with Planned Departure and raises Myuken's force. In the end we tie at 8F to 8F, and he loses two units while I lose Myuken. He has spent all of his gold in the attack, and not come out ahead. To further emphasize the point, I attack back with my wee Hiruma Itta and Hiruma Maiko (2F each), and Determined Challenge in his other naked Dairu just to kill him in resolution. I stabilize and take provinces steadily while producing 4 to 3, then 2, then 1. We move to Game 2. 8-2

Second game: My gold is amazing. I flip a Coastal Lane and cheer, but it is followed by two Iron Mines which are better. Tom's gold is another good 6G Mantis start. Solid gold, however, leads to turns like the one where I bought four personalities and had gold left over, and once the Spider Elite Sohei showed up, my force superiority was cemented. He gets out an intimidating Matsuo with two Opportunes, but I spend 2 gold and the two Your True Natures from hand to destroy both, and he calls me "mean". I say, "I know" as Saiyuki repeatedly gets his drink on, and my growing horde rolls his provinces. 9-2

So I win the tournament, and choose to attempt to name an upcoming character to find Fumisato's Journal. At the 2013 Nebraska Kotei, I donated in the charity auction to name Kuni Seifukusha, so she became my first choice for the win. (Failing that, Kuni Araizen, as he was in the deck -- what better family to gain access to potential insight into a world of Darkness?)

Decklist is here, and I will add some commentary and answer questions as I have time.

MVP: Clearly Spider Elite Sohei.

Honorable mentions: Second City Market, Hida Saiyuki + Humble House.
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Re: Winner's Tournament Report, The Dreamer's Journal (11/22

Postby barswanian » Sun Nov 23, 2014 6:02 pm

Congrats! I dimly remember story proposal you submitted for that character; Hoping for it to happen!
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Re: Winner's Tournament Report, The Dreamer's Journal (11/22

Postby Hida Bob » Sun Nov 23, 2014 11:26 pm

Jeff, you really must describe your MVP Crab Elite Sohei. The Jade in my life almost prohibits me saying SP.....

Congrats on beating your teammates and breaking the cycle. :HIDA: :HIDA: :HIDA:

You know we need somebody to do a painted face for a Kuni emoticon.
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