Report Kotei Argentina Top Crab 2nd

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Report Kotei Argentina Top Crab 2nd

Postby TheCrabintheSouth » Mon May 11, 2015 5:44 pm

I'm León and I placed second with Crab on Argentina. This is the first report that I write, and in fact, it's the first time I make the cut. So I'm going to use the Kotei's winner as a base. This is his report:
The deck building process took me a couple of months. During those months there were many iterations of the same deck, with details, both in Fate and Dynasty, that I'm going to explain in depth further on. I saw some decks on forums and took some ideas, but this deck was made from scratch and with much dedication.

Round 1
Well, someone paid the Kotei entrance and did not go. I got paired with that somebody and won after waiting 15 minutes for him. During that extra time, I used to watch other player's matches, but not this time. This time I sat down on a sofa and waited far from the tables.

Round 2
Daniel "Dani" DR Duelist
I wasn't particularly worried with duels, except for the constant thought that a well placed COaaT could give him the match. On top of that, Duelist Dragon starts with RoA in play and that hurts this deck a lot.
Anyhow the first guy I buy is Kuni Renyu who singlehandedly destroyed all Dragons with no problems nor mercy. He simply wins the duels and cancels RoA.
MVP: Renyu + Tiger Claw

Round 3
Diego "Taro" SP Taitaken
Taro is a very good player from Buenos Aires and there is a version of SP that is a tough match-up for me. Luckly he wasn't playing that version.
On my first attack, with Akemi and Isai with attachments, I force him to spend a lot of hand while killing his Shiho and Voitagi on resolution but not smashing province. From then on, my constant card draw and discard destabilized him and eventually I smashed all 4.
MVP: Eternal Armor.

Round 4
Walbert SC Dishonor
He is a very renowned chilean player with many won tournaments, including this last chilean Kotei. But with this deck I stopped worrying about clocks a couple of iterations ago, so I remained calm.
I don't remember that game well but in the first battle I end up actually winning 2 honor from resolution, smashing province and consuming a lot of his hand. The rest of the match I controlled dishonoring with Aranai's Armor and TIC. On the final battle I was on -22 PH, or more, had 7 guys with attachments and 9 cards on hand, while he had 6 cards and a few courtiers.
MVP: Akemi + Eternal Armor.

Round 5
Rocío MN Shika
On that moment I didn't show it but I was actually happy for her being 3-1 and with chances of making the cut. I live in Rosario, and when I go to Buenos Aires or she travels here, to play L5R, we always share each other's cards.
Just like with clock, I stopped caring about Shika a couple of iterations of this deck ago. I tested a lot against this deck on Sun and Moon and in the last two weeks I consistently won all matches. I didn't read AEGs article on how to play against it.
The match was simply a total and complete stomp on my part, she couldn't do much. I bought people, got them equipped and attacked. I carry meta against this deck but for me it's just a weaker version of an Aranai deck because it doesn't cancel me any actions.
MVP: Conservation.

Lucio CB Dishonor Tsujiken
I return to what I said about clocks earlier. The first game was pretty smooth, I didn't buy people on turn 4 since he played The Company You Keep, so I decided to wait and didn't attack until turn 5. When that match was over I smashed the last province on -24.
On the second match he got a really good gold start and I didn't. Anyway, I was able to control all his dishonoring and smash provinces with ease.
MVP: I don't remember, probably Raikohime.

Felipe UN Aranai
Felipe is a great player from my Rosario group. I didn't test much against him but I played a couple of matches, it is nonetheless an Aranai and I had to be careful.
On the first match we trade provinces until, on his turn, I'm on 3 and he's on 2. He splits for 2, I defend the remaining one, he smashes and Conquers with his guys. I reprisal with Raikohime + Aranai Armor vs The Shogun with Legion of the Khan and Shinjo Archers and 2 naked Tacticians. He starts with Startling Kiai + RA5 and Raikohime dies, but his duty was fulfilled.
On my turn I attach something and split to take both with: Ayahi + Utaku's and Akemi + Eternal. A lone Zaiburo with Utaku's and Eternal assigned to the other one. He goes with all against Zaiburo, starts with Standing Fast, I straighten with SH, he negates with Sun Returns, I Way of the Crab, he negates with Sun Returns, I Ring of Air, he plays DotW for another Standing Fast, I Way of the Crab again, he passes, I Fear 7 to Legion of the Khan, he shakes my hand onto the second match.
He has an awful gold start on the second, and I did very well. I smash with ease, he shakes my hand again and congratulates me on my first final. I sat and waited.
MVP: Way of the Crab

Nicolás "Tenchuu" MN Aranai
When I was about to sit and play he told me "I can't believe I didn't bring my Batman shirt, I'm so bad". Wearing my Superman shirt I answered, "you would be too bad".
As he explained on the Mantis forum
We're very closed friends and experienced this whole conceptual exploration of the L5R mythos together.
Even though I was still holding the focus on the "play to win" mode, I felt that the tournament was already won. We trained together and discussed our decks in detail, trading suggestions and basically doing collaborative deckbuilding. If he won, I won, and viceversa.
What followed was a true representation of the arc. Twenty Festivals. Two military decks just GOING at it. A lot of province trading, tactical defenses, split attacking.

He described very well on the Mantis forum how the games on the final went down.

My deck with comments:
I built this deck with the idea of defeating Standing Fast, not a particular deck, but a particular card. Another thing, I built this deck so that the other would always find it hard to target my personalities. They are big and tough people, each of the other player's action have to cost him a lot or you have to be able to counter it without losing aggression. One of the previous versions had much more meta and could hold any beating but didn't do much on the matter of actions and that is useless, you have to be able to hit them back.
Since I started to build it I always imagined this deck was always fighting for it's life on the Shadowlands. With that in mind I decided well what cards to use.

The Unassailable Fortress of the Crab - Best card against Standing Fast, 10-10 would use it again

The deck's economy can be improved, but it works fine such as it is.

3 Iron Mine
3 Temple of the Heavenly Crab
3 The Ivory Courtroom
2 Developed Quarry - Gives that extra force to get out of RA's and Rewards of Experience's reach.
2 Nexus of Lies
2 Forgotten Legacy
2 Voice of Experience – Kharmic+Akemi Combo discarding FV 4 cards.
1 Counting House

All the personalities are the best personalities in the deck.

3 Hida Kurabi – He's the deck's base.
3 Hida Zaiburo – Zaiburo was with me, all three copies, since I started building this deck.
3 Kaiu Akemi, the Diplomat – She's the most feared here, her ability is very strong for just 4G.
2 Hida Ayahi – Printed follower destruction? Yeah, I'm good with just 2.
2 Hida Raikohime – This one's a beast, 5F magistrate, Engage opposed discard. With an Eternal Armor he single-handles clocks with 6 PS.
2 Hida Toranosuke – Very good to move between battles. He can make very interesting plays with The Thrill of Daring.
2 Toritaka Isai – Bow a card at will is the best battle action.
2 Akenohoshi, the Dancer – A marvelous last minute addition that sent the deck to 42.
1 Yasuki Makoto, Imperial Advisor - Card Draw.
1 Kuni Renyu - exp3 – Everything on this card is right.
1 Hida Kozan, Voice of the Empress – Favor Control, open bow.
1 Hida Kisada, the Little Bear – Was not going to go out there without my Champion, he wins against Stading fast.
1 The New Order – Didn't use and didn't need it.

1 Ancestral Armor of the Crab Clan – With the fixed idea of defeating Standing Fast this Amor is perfect.
2 Aranai's Armor – Destined attachment that gives Resilient and is DH meta? Yes please!
3 Eternal Armor – Increases the other player action's cost, or makes him spend an action on targeting it and not discard.
3 Utaku's Destiny – Destined Weapon.
3 Tiger Claw – Great weapon to get rid of naked Tacticians or those 0F courtiers.
1 Ring of Air – Vs Standing Fast
1 Ring of Earth – This is the Ring of the Crab.

3 Uncovering the Culprit – This is just the best action at the moment. With Isai it's 5 at-will bowing.
2 Determined Challenge – I always brought to the fight the biggest unit, which is the one that matters. It's nonetheless an action that unbalances in your favor.
2 Reprisal – I used to play 3 but it works as good with 2, plus using it to pump while opposed always payed up.
1 Versatile Army – Vs Standing Fast o bow. Just 1 due to gold cost.
1 Assassin's Strike – Sometimes you strike to kill.
1 Tonfajutsu – This was a nice last minute addition and didn't use it until the finals but it's extremely efficient.
1 Standing Fast – The strongest action on the current meta, and you need to know your enemy to defeat it.
1 Accessible Terrain – Meta
1 Sulphurous Swamps – This is the best place to fight against any deck, on the swamps.
2 The Thrill of Daring – Excellent card that also has FV4 for Akemi.
2 Conservation – This card does so many things that I can't start explaining how good it is.
1 Courage Beyond Question – Great card.
1 Sanctioned Declaration – Same as Conservation. And in truth, I needed something against fears.
2 Way of the Crab – The Only Way
2 Relentless – It's all I wanted against a battle: vs Standing Fast + a little aggressive bonus and Clash of Blades meta.
1 Sudden Movement – Classic 1off
2 Victory Through Deference - lol
1 Spirited Dispute – meta
During deckbuilding there were things that helped me decide cards. This does not mean that is a theme deck, I built the best I could and then conceptualize . Thanks to all that I built a nice story I 'm finishing writing.

Read Way of the Crab was a great help to understand how to play the deck.

These songs accompanied me every time with the clan:

To put it simpler, I took a card's flavour and I added a little something.
Disrupting the Rhythm:"If my opponent breathes on one, draws on two, and strikes on three, then I aim to strike between two and three. Know your opponent's rhythm and strike when he cannot."
My deck: "If my opponent breathes on one and aims to strike between two and three, on one I grab him from the neck so he doesn't breathe and I smash him until he can't take it anymore"
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Re: Report Kotei Argentina Top Crab 2nd

Postby ACharmingHida » Mon May 11, 2015 7:33 pm

Congratulations on your showing.
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Re: Report Kotei Argentina Top Crab 2nd

Postby barswanian » Mon May 11, 2015 9:15 pm

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Re: Report Kotei Argentina Top Crab 2nd

Postby Jailino » Tue May 12, 2015 6:42 am

Congratulations !
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Re: Report Kotei Argentina Top Crab 2nd

Postby Hida Bob » Tue May 12, 2015 9:25 am

:HIDA: :HIDA: :HIDA: Congratz! Nice report. :HIDA: :HIDA: :HIDA:
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Re: Report Kotei Argentina Top Crab 2nd

Postby Hyoton » Mon May 18, 2015 4:43 pm

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