Puerto Rico Kotei Report

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Puerto Rico Kotei Report

Postby Hida Bonano » Sun May 31, 2015 9:35 pm

I'm not so good at this but I'll try

Game 1 vs Mantis Shika Sensei
I start with bad gold so I take a risk and on T3 I attack with Hida Saiyuki with Fubatsu Blade and Ominous Armor attached and take the prov unopposed. Then comes the 1 for 1 prov taking and it comes down to the last province I attack and after a flurry of actions I have 1 peep Saiyuki at 11F and he Sudden Moves he's big unit to win the battle. 0-1

Game 2 vs Unicorn
Good gold start he takes a prov but I Reprisal to take 1. On my turn enough force for 1 prov get Watsuki out. He goes for 2 provs I defend 1 with Watsuki he starts that first I range 1 of he's guys he decides to move out I save the prov and the other he miscalculates by 1 and he doesn't take the prov. I swing for 2 he defends 1 and does force reduction I Question Beyond Courage and use Rewards and their is nothing else he can do. 1-1

Game 3 vs Lion Seijuro Sensei
Good gold start for me he has not so good of a start. Funny thing first guy I get out is kisada he attacks with 1 guy with he's ancestral armor attached I defend but I see that I will loose him but I don't mind loosing Kisada my opponent makes a mistake he A Lion Roars to find out he's down 1 range I pass and there is nothing he can do so I gain my honor. My turn attach Fubatsu Blade to Kisada and proceed to take provinces. 2-1

Game 4 vs Spider
Good starts for both of us. When he gets his first attack he has 4 guys with an attachment I defend with 3 guys including a Kuni Tomakatsu with a Fubatsu Blade my first action is to Stand Fast 2 of he's guys and after some actions I outforce he's army lot of bodies killed. I take 2 of his provs back to back. He's army has grown since the free flip and Famous bazaar and I have to go for 2 my mistake was not assigning both Kisada and Watsuki together. Take the free prov and after an exchange of actions he ends ouforcing me by 2 and wins. 2-2

It was a small Kotei so it went to 4 rounds of swiss was a fun day. I hope I did ok with the report.
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Re: Puerto Rico Kotei Report

Postby Kaiu Genji » Tue Jun 02, 2015 11:51 pm

First off, I hope you had fun at the Kotei! :HIDA:

If you used Standing Fast with Kuni Tomokazu, you did so illegally.

Standing fast Targets your unbowed Samurai or Berserker. Kuni Tomokazu is sadly neither.
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Re: Puerto Rico Kotei Report

Postby Hida Bonano » Wed Jun 03, 2015 10:09 am

Hehehehe sorry when I mentioned Tomokazu was because he was the only guy that fear effects would not do anything to him I had Kisada and Zaiberu those 2 naked in that battle I did Standing with Kisada I did mentioned I was defending with 3 guys sorry for the miscommunication. :HIDA:
Hida Bonano
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