Telling the Tale: Fictions from Twenty Festivals and Onwards

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Telling the Tale: Fictions from Twenty Festivals and Onwards

Postby Iagosan » Wed Mar 04, 2015 5:11 am

George R.R. Martin has affected the L5R Story Team. God help us all.

Fred Wan wrote:Players relate to characters. You all want major protagonists of your Clans. The Team has heard you, we have listened, and we plan on writing accordingly. We have identified two characters within each Clan to use as focus and point-of-view characters. While we might not use them in every fiction, or even a majority of the time, but we plan on using them as the main points of view during the next arc.
"Know this, Hitomi-sama. When you rise from earth to heaven, the Crab will be watching you. Do not think that our arrows cannot reach you in the sky. If we must, we will build a wall so high and so thick that even you cannot harm the Empire, and we will shoot at you from atop it until you fall screaming to the ground. Now, go." ~ Kuni Utagu, The Twenty-seven Days of Darkness—Day 14

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