Fanfic about my deck

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Fanfic about my deck

Postby TheCrabintheSouth » Wed May 13, 2015 7:41 pm

I made a fanfic that is the deck I built to play the Kotei in Argentina. Here is the Report:


Hope you like it, I had fun writing it:

I am not fucking around
by León Marcilla

His time with the shugenjas had helped him. Until some months ago he had only heard what the stories said about them. Some time ago Kisada himself had given him the order of escorting a group of Kuni on several missions. He became more versatile, learned how to move, became faster, met the kamis.

Now Kisada calls him again, but this time it's different. This time it's not in Kyuden Hida, on the enormous palace built by the Kaiu with all it's history and legacy. Now Toranosuke walked through a muddy, scourged by the rain and under repairs encampment, inside the Shadowlands.

But this was not the only thing that was different, Hida Toranosuke is not the same samurai than before. The last months on this place moulded him, he will not be stopped. Not the acid rain from the Shadowlands nor it's wailing wind and rot will prevent Toranosuke from getting to his destination. He understands the problem, and knows he is the solution.

Steady on the thick morass of blood and ash, he dodges with surprise, a horse with the Imperial Mon to get to his Clan Champion tent. They send him in and inside he recognizes Kisada, and his brother Renyu, standing, staring at some papers.

The samurai makes a small reverence with his head and says "Sir". Kisada looks away towards him and nods him to come close. He does and looks at the maps without understanding, recognizing illegible scrolls.
"There was a change of plans" Kisada says. "We are dissolving your unit. They are needed elsewhere", continued the Champion grimly. With this new information, Toranosuke, analyzed quickly what where the options and decided to wait in silence while the brothers looked at the maps and scrolls, lit with green by a strange and small bag of stones that Renyu hung on his neck.

The newcomer knows what they are but he doesn't get them entirely. He was gifted one when he arrived "This is not a thumb of Jade, this is a weapon and armor on the palm of your hand. Don't lose it", said the Kuni some months ago.

Renyus furious red shone in a strange and pale color. Toranosuke met him enough to know him, and the fury that possesses him. But the Kuni Daimyo was guided, not a flame of Jade burning everything on it's path, Renyu's whole expression demonstrated an absolute concentration such as the samurai had never seen.

In that moment, a huge exemplar of a crab comes through the door. Hida Zaiburo stood by his side, did the same reverence and stood waiting. -A berserker, this is different- thought Toranosuke realizing the probable path the mission was taking. On the table, a measured talk was kept while papers where shown and fingers pointed on maps. Zaiburo had his weapon on his hand, was ready to fight right there. That is what some would consider "a lack of respect towards the Champion", but if the worse happens and one of the Crab raises tainted, they have to be disposed right there, and he is Kaiji's minor brother.

Both at the same time Hiruma Raikohime and Kaiu Akemi enter, this both became famous for how versatile they were. Raikohime is smaller than Zaiburo but is very skilled in combat, always contributing lethal movements with his weapons. The woman next to him is, maybe, the most prepared Kaiu nowadays, she can read an opponent better than nobody. She is not the strongest, but her hits always give more than just damage.

They were bringing two boxes and a scroll that were brought near the Champions. They greeted them, read the scroll and left it over the huge box. Toranosuke quickly inspected the box and realized that there were weapons inside, of the scroll he hinted the Yasuki Mon tainted with ash. But what surprised the samurai was the enormous box that Raikohime held on his back. This is the first time he is so close to the Ancestral Armor, Fukutsu.

Renyu inspects the box that carries Fukutsu for an instant and turns slowly towards the Champion. Kisada throws a silent nod back and Renyu touches the box to go back to the table. The Little Bear was unmoved before the armor or the Crab that waited in silence.

Next to Toranosuke another Hida shows up, this is an even more famous one. Hida Ayahi carries his tetsubo on the shoulder. He already shared the field with him and know how necessary he is. Toranosuke raised his eyebrow when he noticed that over his head the berserker's fist were clashing as a greeting. Next to him stood with a strange countenance, a Crab that Toranosuke did not know but recognized the Toritaka Mon on him.

Finally the Champion draws away from the table and stands in front of his men. Renyu is standing by his side and says "We march south". And in that moment one of the most recognized Crab on the empire shows up, Hida Kurabi. He makes a reverence and says "I already located it and have a safe path".

Kisada nods and says "We found an Oni that was unknown to us. We must stop him right now. It's very powerful and it's possible we may not make it. I'm giving you the order as members of the Crab Clan that you follow me to kill this Oni before it's too late". He then takes his hammer and carries it on his shoulder. "There is no time, we will report you on the way". After this he walks towards the Shadowlands next to Renyu and Kurabi, behind them all the Crab followed one by one. Toranosuke went last and saw that Renyu was waiting outside.

"Do you still have the stone I gave you?" the Kuni asked. Toranosuke answered yes and showed him that he was holding it inside his armor. They walked a few feet "What are we facing?" Toranosuke asked.
Renyu focused an instant and while walking said "Kotei no Oni".
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