Did i miss something?

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Did i miss something?

Postby Yasuki Binbo » Mon Sep 07, 2015 5:10 pm

http://s280.photobucket.com/user/jakey4 ... l.jpg.html

According to the flavor text the term. It was once a vlillage. What in the nine hells happened. Did we lose a challenge? If the Last hope part of the things that get destroyed because Spider get their free pass to awesome and roll right over us I will call shenanigans.
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Re: Did i miss something?

Postby barswanian » Mon Sep 07, 2015 9:06 pm

We didn't save it this kotei season.
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Re: Did i miss something?

Postby Iagosan » Wed Sep 09, 2015 12:33 am

barswanian wrote:We didn't save it this kotei season.

Unless I too missed something, we didn't explicitly loose it either. No one stole it, and the Spider didn't corrupt it.

I also would like to know what is going on with this card, or at least understand the intent of the flavor text from a story perspective.
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