Rokugan High Season 3 PbP Game

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Rokugan High Season 3 PbP Game

Postby Shiba Hatake » Tue Feb 10, 2015 1:44 pm

If you like L5R (which I assume you do since you are here) and you like anime themed things, RHS is a PbP where we combine the two. Essentially, Rokugan High School is the most prestigious school in the Empire where all the best and brightest young minds come to learn after gempukku, much like winter court is here, and the best sensei try their best to educate them.

The game takes place in a homebrew setting that mirrors modern day Japan, so it is not quite R2K. Most of the conflict comes through character drama. Students join clubs, go on field trips, and compete against other schools for honor and glory.

So if you'd like to experience a different take on the Rokugan setting, I encourage you to give it a try. There are a few people on the forum that have been involved with past games, and we try to keep it casual and just have fun. Always look forward to having new players.

The third season setting will be loosely based on some of the events that are happening in the current canon story and things that have happened in WC4.

If you have any questions about the game I'm more than happy to answer them. Game is starting March 2nd. Character Creation is open throughout and all who apply are accepted. Link to forum is below:

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