I was Yasuki Tono at Winter Court 4, and I have Answers

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I was Yasuki Tono at Winter Court 4, and I have Answers

Postby barswanian » Fri Feb 20, 2015 3:37 pm

But are they the right ones? IE: Do you have questions that I have answers for? :D
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Re: I was Yasuki Tono at Winter Court 4, and I have Answers

Postby barswanian » Fri Feb 20, 2015 3:38 pm

Crab Treaties (for posterity: please note we have no idea which, if any, the story team will save.)
Scorpion/Crab Treaty Ratified on the Dais (no mention of the shadow on the dais.)

Kuni Purification/warding & Crab help in fighting the minions of the Shadow Dragon dressed as Spiders during the Crab's war against the Spider in exchange for the Scorpion's intelligence/knowledge being shared both about the colonies and in the Empire proper.
This works towards satisfying two goals: 1) the thread's discussion kept the Scorpion from an otherwise secret alliance with the Spider, in order for Scorpion & Spider to make moves against the minions of the Shadow Dragon (ie: Stops the Scorpion giving aid to the Spider.)
2) Gives the Crab additional assets to their military both in and out of the Empire, as access to Scorpion intelligence allows for new tactics to be better utilized (surgical strikes versus blunt force trauma.) Thereby better allowing the Crab to use what forces they ave.


Private Arrangement (only shared between Tono & Kitaiko as well as both clan Ambassadors and those that they share the knowledge with up the chain, so to speak.)
The Crab would honor the Scorpion with a gift of a visit from a number of Kuni; The Kuni are willing to conduct a ritual purification of another Clan's holding, a complex and lengthy process that will not only render the holding free of any existing corruption by Jigoku, although in this case it will be a modified arrangement borrowing the purity of crystal to protect against the minions of the Shadow Dragon, but also protect it from their depredations (for at least one year, after which the protective effects of the ritual will begin to fade; the time over which the effects will fade will depend on the uses to which the holding is put.) You may offer another Clan the benefit of this ritual of purification to be applied to one of their holdings equivalent in size to a castle or village. The stronghold picked by the Scorpion so that they might best continue their actions against those minions will also house Crab troops, who will be utilizing the cover of the War against the Spider to assist the Scorpion in striking out at their shared enemies.

In exchange, the Scorpion shall be providing assets to the Crab both in the colonies to aid in the War on the Spider as well as in the Empire proper, in the way of intelligence and knowledge they have acquired, up until the next Winter Court. To outside clans in the colonies these assets will be serving as guides, due to the Scorpion's great knowledge and connections to the Imperial Explorers; as well as to insure that there is cover for their other shared activities. Some such of that cover will be locating additional resources for use in rebuilding the Second City as Iweko Seiken-sama has requested of the Crab.

Public Arrangement
The Crab would honor the Scorpion with a purification ritual meant to ward off any holding the size of a castle or village from the depredations and corruption of Jigoku, in a location of the Scorpion's choosing within the Colonies. In return, the Scorpion will provide the Crab with guides in the colonies; so that the Crab forces in the colonies might better secure valued resources in their service to the defense and rebuilding of the Second City.

Crab/Mantis Treaty. Ratified on the dais.

The Mantis Clan will promise to:
-Support the Crab coastline with 1/8th of their fleet against possible incursion whilst the Crab Navy investigates the Shadow Sea.
-Cease providing any form of military aid to the Spider Clan.
-Offer transport to Crab engineers and supplies on Mantis vessels for work on projects in the Colonies.
-Build a shrine to the sun, maintained by the Moshi family within Crab lands
-Issue orders to our forces in the Colonies not to engage the Crab clan over the dispute between heirs

The Crab Clan will promise to:
-Support the re-instatement of the Boar Clan, with Tochiko as champion, and marry her to a Crab husband
-Pass possession of the previous Boar Clan lands within Twilight Mountains to the newly re-instated Boar Clan, and with the help of the Mantis Clan support the growth of the Boar clan through food
-Place a Kaiu engineer on loan to the Mantis Clan, to aid in the rebuilding and fortification of Kalani's Landing
-Issue orders to our forces in the Colonies not to engage the Mantis clan over the dispute between heirs
-Support, and co-present a petition to lift shipbuilding restrictions

The Boar Clan:
-Once re-instated, and in possession of their ancestral lands in the Twilight Mountains, will begin mining the mountains, and will give a tithe of Jade and Iron to the Crab Clan.

Crab/Phoenix Treaty. Ratified on the Dais.
As two clans, united by honest and open friendship, the Crab and Phoenix have agreed to the following:

-First, that a Yasuki shall marry Agasha Kyokuta, joining the Phoenix Clan
-Second, that Asako Jioru will marry Kaiu Fumiko, joining the Crab Clan
-Third, that Hida Kozan, Voice of the Empress, shall wed Isawa Koiso, Master of Fire. A marriage between two persons of such rank being a complex affair, the exact details of dowry are to be worked out between the Crab and the Phoenix in the coming months. (Koiso will become Hida Koiso if Kozan remains the voice, Kozan will become Isawa Kozan if he no longer is the Voice.)
-Fourth, that in token of the personal ties of friendship between Isawa Taisho and the noble delegation of the Clan of Hida and with an eye to Empire's future, that the second child of Isawa Taisho shall be betrothed to marry into the Crab Clan.
-Fifth, that the Phoenix, using sacred wood from the Isawa Mori, will construct a temple to the Celestial Dragon in the lands of the Crab, to honor Hida Tadama's service to said Dragon and his long service to the Empire, that those monks who wish to may better study and understand the will of the Dragon.
-Sixth, that the Phoenix shall allow several penitent Crab samurai to make a pilgrimage among the many temples to be found in the Phoenix lands.
-Seventh, that the Crab do formally declare that they earnestly hope for peace between their friends among the Phoenix and the Unicorn.
-Eighth, that in the event of war between the noble Unicorn and the pious Phoenix, that the Crab shall provide monetary aid to the Phoenix to assist in their efforts to rebuild in the wake of hostilities.
-Ninth, that the Shingon vassal family of the Phoenix, known for their artistry with sacred materials, shall share certain of their secrets with six artisans of the Kaiu, equally renowned for their craftsmanship. The first items produced by these artisans shall be bestowed upon the next Emperor in the name of the Crab and the Phoenix, jointly."
-Tenth, that in the interest of the greater good of the Empire, the Phoenix will send one third of their naval forces to assist the Crab and Mantis in operations in or near the Sea of Shadows, serving under the command of the Crab fleet in the area.

Secret/side agreement: (ie: why the phoenix are giving us this stuff)
1. The results of the former Asako Jirou's further research will be shared with the Phoenix.
2. The Yasuki family will provide the Phoenix with information to secure the services of reliable ronin mercenaries in the event of war with the Unicorn.
3. The Crab's penitent pilgrims will bring with them a supply of Kaiu iron. They may also be called upon to defend certain temples in place of the Shiba in locations unlikely to see attack by the Unicorn. Such temples expressly will not be those located in or near major Phoenix strongholds.

This agreement nets the Crab:
Asako Jirou to become Kaiu Jirou: helping activate giant golem. = Conclude agreements with at least two Clans which would add new force to the Crab Clan armies (this could include troops, capabilities such as archery, new tactics, supporting assets such as horses; it does NOT include equipment such as armor or weapons, or anything related to Dueling)
Future glory: Kaiu & Phoenix artisans working on a project together.
New Temple to the Celestial Dragon: additional spiritual backing for the Crab, helping perhaps the clan grow a bit.
Additional naval forces at the Crab coastline! ie: more help in insuring what is going on at the sea of shadows gets shut the fuck down.

Hiruma Boma's Colonial Conclave Bold text = Boma's contributions; italics = cosponsored by Boma/The Crab
That the Throne or someone of its chosing prepares a document concerning the proper behavior of a samurai while in the colonies. This document should dictates the acceptable customs in the colonies, taking into consideration the difference in climate, flora and fauna.

That the influence of the magistrates and their ability to enforce the laws in the colony be increased. Possible avenues including an increase in the number of magistrates and yorikis, as well as higher funding to improve their dojos and the number of offices already in place. A special mention should be made concerning the Jade magistrates, whose presence should be drastically increased.

That a mandatory rotation is installed between the bureaucratic and military organizations of the Colonies and the Mainland. Each year, a number to be determined by the Throne of bureaucrats, officers and other imperial servants should be reassigned to the Colonies and be replaced by a samurai of similar competence from there, for a period of two to five years. This exchange would allow these samurais to share their experiences much more easily.

That the current growth of the colony be maintained, but the current focus should be made to reinforce and repopulate the settlements already in place. At the same time, however, the efforts of the Spider Clan in their conquest should continue to be supported by the Throne, as well as the efforts of the Imperial Explorers to chart these new lands.

That a committee, named by the Throne or someone of its choosing, assesses each year the need of human resources, namely heimins and eta, and makes sure enough of them are brought into the colonies.

That the Throne or someone of its choosing establishes a clear bureaucratic procedures to fairly allocate new lands to the Great Clans once they are conquered and explored.

That the charter of the Imperial Explorers is expanded to include military considerations. To this effect, a simple solution would be the dissociation of the Sixth Legion from the Imperial Legions and their fusion with the actual Explorers. This new entity, led by a samurai of the Throne’s choosing, would then be able to lend its members to any organization that might requires his help. The Imperial Legions are always in need of scouts, obviously, and the Imperial Navy might too. The Ivory Legions, the Emerald, Jade and Ivory Champions, as well as their magistrates, would have access to them if needed as well as any other Imperial structures. In addition, they will be able to continue their sacred duty outside the borders of the mainland.

That joined training between one Imperial Legion and Ivory Legions be conducted every two years, as to allow easier integration should these two entities face a common enemy and to share their experiences.

That additional fundings be attributed for the construction of new dojos, temples and shrines within the colonies.

That the selection of the Ivory Champion in the future be clarified and that the exact manner be edicted by the Throne or someone of its chosing.

Crab/Unicorn Treaty. Ratified on the dais.
- Will prepare a petition condemning the Phoenix Clan's inappropriate procedure in making their research known to the Empire.
- Condemn the colonial violence between so-called traditional and progressive forces, at some point to be determined.
- Pledge military non-interference in the Unicorn/ Phoenix conflict.

- Pledge military non-interference in the Crab/ Spider conflict
- Give the Yasuki family full access to a diamond mine for the life of the mine, estimated at 3-5 years, with a value of roughly 5000 koku per year

- A number of additional marriages between Crab and Unicorn will occur to seal the terms of this treaty, determined by all involved parties.

Crab/Dragon Treaty. Ratified on the dais.
Crab offer:

Agreement to not solicit for outside parties to hinder or in anyway reduce the numbers or military capabilities of the Spider Clan (Without similar consideration to their own forces) ahead of the Imperially Sanctioned war of honour between Crab and Spider.
To send a delegation of Toritaka to assist with the management, detection and containment of any hitherto unseen / unknown threats originating from the taint or bearers of the taint experienced while acting in the role of Wardens to the Spider Clan

Dragon offer:

A number of men, numbering not in excess of the amount under the command of a Chui to assist the Crab in their ongoing military requirements to defend the Empire. Including both Defense of the Wall and at the coast against the potential threat detected in the ocean.

Both Parties agree to:

An exchange of training and wisdom between both parties as provide benefit of a mutual nature. Beginning with, but not limited to the aforementioned exchanges.

Crab/Crane Treaty. Ratified on the dais.
In an effort to assist the Crab and Scorpion with their sacred tasks of defending the Empire from threats of Jigoku and to show appreciation for the Crab's support during court, the Crane offer the following.

Daidoji Soken will be stationed at Pit's Edge Village to assist with resource management regarding the Crane's previously pledged gifts and future mercantile efforts to the benefit of the defenders of the Empire stationed at the Scorpion Wall and to ensure Asahina warding are in place and maintained to protect the location from harm. This warding entails powerful Asahina fetishes that will grant absolute protection for a limited duration once activated. The specifics of where the warding will be placed will be left to those with proper authority and knowledge at the village.

Crab/Lion Treaty. Ratified on the dais.
The Lion Clan states that the war between Crab and Spider is one of honor, and will offer no military aid nor support to either party.
The Crab Clan states that the war between Lion and Scorpion is one of honor, as long as it remains such they will continue to do their duty, supplying the Scorpion Wall with resources and troops as needed.

The Lion will send one Omoidesu to each Crab legion in the Colonies, to record the battles and the heroic deeds of all involved. These records will be brought to the Ikoma Libraries, then copied and distributed first to the Throne, then to the Imperial Families and the Great Clans.

The Crab will reinforce the Scorpion Wall, and is tasked with intercepting any forces which come within an hour’s ride of this area, to ensure that no threat will be tolerated in this most delicate of areas. Should any force refuse to move around it, the Crab are empowered to act as they see fit, and the responsibility for this will fall on the other commander, not upon the Crab.

Three Ikoma will be sent to the Hiruma scout school, to learn these techniques and to ensure that they will not be lost again.
Three Hiruma will be sent to the Ikoma Bard school, to learn these techniques and to ensure that heroes will not be forgotten.

Three Kaiu will be sent to the Akodo bushi school, to learn tactics from the masters.
Three Akodo will be sent to the Kaiu Engineer school, to learn siege techniques from the masters.

Three Matsu will be sent to the Hida school, to learn the horrors that are faced at the Wall.
Three Hida will be sent to the Matsu school, to learn how to face honorable foes.

The Lion will be given favorable trade in matters of Kaiu steel, but not until the Lion-Scorpion war has ended.

The Crab will be given favorable trade in matters of lumber, but not until the Crab-Spider war has ended.

A Lion will be married into the Crab, but not until the Lion-Scorpion war has ended.
A Crab will be married into the Lion, but not until the Lion-Scorpion war has ended.

Crab/Imperial Families. Still on the dais.
An exchange of students. Five members of the Imperial Families will attend the Yasuki Courtier School, five Crab would attend the Otomo Courtier School, one member of the Imperial Families will attend the Kasuga Courtier School, and one Tortoise would attend the Otomo Courtier School.

Miya Koharu's daughter will join with Kakeguchi Korenaga (our marriage resource NPC)
One yet unnamed member of the Crab will marry into the Imperial families

The nakodo of both parties are already working to determine this last match, and expect a resolution of it short after winter ends.

And lastly, to honor one who fell after putting so much of his own effort into the creation of the Imperial Navy, the first ship to be commissioned shall be name 'Aizawa'


Naga Dealings

Boma has had multiple meetings with the Naga leaders including the Zenathaar, Warrior of the Bright Eye and leader of the Naga Army that reenforced the second city, The Issut chief of the Asp Warriors, and the Olyah Lore keeper of the Naga. (All three future carded characters I suspect)

Boma presented the Bust he and Tomokazu brain stormed and Tomokazu crafted it in the course of a single night with unparalleled accuracy. The bust which was invested with the eternal jade of Hida Yakamo's seventh chakra invoked a race memory with in all of the Naga present remembering the past bond between the Naga and the Crab.

Later Boma acquired a Meeting with the Zenathaar where he outlined certain threats and challenges facing the old Ivory Kingdoms and provided the Naga with a FULL SET OF EXPLORER MAPS of the Colonies. He also highlighted the plight of the Ivinda people who he knew through his excavations were close allies of the Naga once. The Naga vowed to offer what aid they could when they were ready to move out into the world fully.

At the gathering under the stars with the Olyah Boma learned certain truths about the nature of the Naga and how they interact with their Akasha. Through other questions he and others discovered that the Naga seek prophecy in the stars just as we do.

Finally during a chance encounter Boma discovers that the Naga are in dire need of food. In the midst spider and mantis delegates offering trade deals Boma presents the Zenathaar with a gift of the surplus fish that the Yasuki fleet take in for a season to alleviate their need so they might trade with others on more certain footing and rejoin the fight against dark forces sooner. The Zenathaar accepted this gift and has promised one in return when the Naga are able

Crab/Imperial Navy
Crab to support Imperial Navy with building ships, including those with new designs from Mantis & providing troops to form the Navy, when it is formed.
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Re: I was Yasuki Tono at Winter Court 4, and I have Answers

Postby barswanian » Fri Feb 20, 2015 3:39 pm

Yasuki Tono's Character Sheet: (at the end of Winter Court)
Air 3
---Awareness 4
Earth 3
Water 3
Fire 3
Void 3

School: Yasuki Courtier 3 (Insight 205)

Honor: 5.4
Status: 4.7 (Imperial Poet)
Glory: 5.5 (7.0 gained)

Skills: Commerce (Appraisal) 4, Courtier (Manipulation) 5, Defense 1, Etiquette 3, Intimidation 4, Sincerity (Deceit) 4, Sailing 1; Lore: Ivory Kingdom 2, Temptation 2, Artisan: Poetry 5, Games: Letters 1, Lore: Scorpion 1, Investigation 3, Lore: Bushido 4, Games: Sadane 1, Athletics 3, Lore: Shourido 1, Calligraphy 3, Lore: Shadowlands 1

Advantages: Blissful Betrothal [+3xp], Kharmic Tie (Shosuro Kameyoi) [+2xp], Social Position (Diplomat) [+6xp], Gentry (Pit's Edge Village) [+8xp]

Disadvantages: Driven (Constantly Prove Love) [-2xp], Ascetic [-2xp], True Love (Shosuro Kameyoi) [-3xp]

Background and Notes

Tono's background was changed during the october/november pregame, due to the story having moved past the summary he had, thereby there is not a neat paragraph summarizing him.
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Re: I was Yasuki Tono at Winter Court 4, and I have Answers

Postby Yasuki Binbo » Fri Feb 20, 2015 3:46 pm

How were you guys organized?
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Re: I was Yasuki Tono at Winter Court 4, and I have Answers

Postby barswanian » Fri Feb 20, 2015 5:06 pm

What do you mean?

Tono/myself was put in the delegation head position after I did a lot of work to get us organized in the beginning. Aitoko kept us organized after we got started.
Just about everyone had two clans/groups they were in charge of talking to as diplomats.
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Re: I was Yasuki Tono at Winter Court 4, and I have Answers

Postby angry_crab » Sat Feb 21, 2015 6:43 pm

Your threads sir were some of the most enjoyable to read and to be a part of. Much like WC3 though, I did not see too much unification of the Crab/Scorpion alliance and I would assume that is in part to me being busy with other things. All that said, did you manage to do things to strengthen the alliance besides the Sango/Yoshiyuki marriage?
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Re: I was Yasuki Tono at Winter Court 4, and I have Answers

Postby barswanian » Sat Feb 21, 2015 8:35 pm

Absolutely: Crab & Scorpion are going to be hunting down Shadow Dragon minions together. The Scorpion gave the Crab full access to their information network for the next year. Imagine what the Yasuki are going to do.

And the scorpion players have already credited their full support going to Iweko Seiken because the Crab asked them for help there: that decision (and a lot more) is what decided who'd become the next Emperor.

We had some shaky moments, but there is little reason to doubt they're close. We have an investigation into the kolat started between Crab/Scorpion; & some phenomenal work towards making the Crab/Scorpion alliance being the powerhouse of the Empire.

The Crab bushido event (much better attended than the Spider Shourido event) saw the Scorpion end up with a winner: part of that came from Tono having told the winner ahead of time (Norimasa) what the events were going to be. No one had been asking; so many had assumed it would just be a surprise. But it meant Norimasa and the other scorpion contestant could train for the event, so they wouldn't necessarily fail in any particular avenue.
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Re: I was Yasuki Tono at Winter Court 4, and I have Answers

Postby barswanian » Sun Feb 22, 2015 1:13 am

Letter to Hida Kisada at the end of court:

To Lord Hida Kisada-sama, Champion of the Crab, Daimyo of the Hida,

I write to you today, to give report on the activities and resolutions of your servants at the Imperial Winter Court at Toshi Ranbo.

A number of your servants have died well this Winter, in service of the Throne, Empire and Clan. Yasuki Kyoko died in a duel to the death against Daigotsu Atsushi, while she championed Kasuga Aizawa who acted as our delegation's karo until that moment. This was the second duel to the death Kasuga-san was the focus of, the first being won by Hiruma Tetsuya, who slew Daigotsu Kurogane. Yasuki Aitoko, whose name and story will have likely reached you before this letter will, died heroically ending the fire in the Imperial Library, saving what scrolls and history had not yet been reached. There is now a shrine to be built honoring him when the Imperial Library is rebuilt. Yasuki Kaito died heroically defending the Voice of the Empress, Hida Kozan-sama, against the same coalition of criminals pretending to be Kolat who had set fire to the Imperial Library. This was a less public affair, though still an effort of a coalition of clans.

There are five things of great note that need be shared before this report enters into the finer details of treaties and so forth. Marriages, an Oni attack upon the capital, complications in our war with the Spider, resources gained to thwart the Sea of Shadows and our dealings with the Phoenix.
There are four marriages of more significant note than merely tying together treaties between clans. A match between Hida Kozan and Isawa Koiso, one between Hida Tadama and Heichi Tochiko; one between Hiruma Tetsuya and Seppun Yasuhiko; and finally one between Kaiu Fumiko and Asako Jirou.

Hida Kozan and Isawa Koiso's marriage will have one join the other's clan, dependent upon the future Emperor's decision to keep Kozan-san on as their Voice. If he remains in said position, something of which I have hope for under an Empire ruled by Iweko Seiken-sama due to the service of the Crab and foretellings of darkness coming in days ahead; then Isawa Koiso-sama shall step down from her position as Elemental Master of Fire and join the Crab as Hida Koiso. In such a case, we have pledged that she will have a role advising your honored self; as she is one of the five most powerful shugenja in the Empire it is my hope that this will not be a burden. If Kozan-san is asked to step down, than he shall marry into the Phoenix, giving the Crab a voice near the Elemental council.

Hida Tadama-san's story has likely reached your ear slightly faster than Yasuki Aitoko's. It is true that he has the favor of the Celestial Dragon, one of the reasons we have asked the Phoenix to help us build a temple to the Celestial Dragon in our lands. He shall be marrying Heichi Tochiko. Supporting the rebirth of the Boar by returning to them their old lands that we have been able to do nothing with anyways, gives us back the little cousin that had once left the empire. We shall be receiving favorable offerings of jade and iron when once they have their mines open again. Heichi Tochiko gave warning that the Boar had a duty watching over a far darker enemy than most of the Empire realizes.

Hiruma Tetsuya was our central hope for a suitor to the Imperial Princess, and he has certainly earned the ear of the Iweko. He shall marry the daughter and second child of the Seppun family as a chui of the Imperial Legions; becoming Seppun Tetsuya, with the Seppun family paying the dowry to the -Hiruma-.

Kaiu Fumiko will wed Asako Jirou, giving our clan access to an inquisitor who has research pertaining to the great golem found by Hida Daizu in the colonies. There are hintings at activating it, if such, it may become a great weapon in our war against the Spider. In exchange to the two marriages with the Phoenix we have agreed to send a group of our men to visit and guard their temples and shrines while "on pilgrimage", providing offerings to said temples and shrines of the Kaiu iron, so they may better arm and armor their men. However, there are rumors of a peace treaty.

The remaining things of note, I list here:
~the oni's attack upon the captial saw the Crab being given short command of two districts of the Imperial City; a sign of the trust of the Imperial families we have earned this winter. There are grave implications with the attack however, for it seems that Jigoku is able to use powerful oni to attempt to create new portals to Jigoku. Something that should be researched by the Kuni, I believe.
~ Both the Mantis and Phoenix shall be joining with us on our coasts and against the threats coming from the sea of shadows. The Mantis sending 1/8 their fleet, the Phoenix sending 1/3rd of theirs.

Finally the complications in our war with the Spider. It seems that they are allied with the Shadow Dragon, as confirmed by our allies the Scorpion and the actions of one Daigotsu Mori, who should be questioned shortly before he fulfills the Regent's request to die defending the Empire from the Second Pit. As such, the Scorpion have pledged to assist us in the shadows of our war, asking that we assist them in striking at the strongholds of the Shadow Dragon's minions. Crystal is going to be of great service to those chosen for such a duty. They have also given us larger access to their information network, something I hope that my family may take great advantage of in reducing and isolating those merchants and courtiers willing to work with the Spider.

Yours in service,
~Yasuki Tono
Governor of Pit's Edge Village
Imperial Poet of House Iweko
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Re: I was Yasuki Tono at Winter Court 4, and I have Answers

Postby trevalyan » Mon Feb 23, 2015 4:54 pm

I was Yasuki Aitoko. A pleasure working with you, my friend, as I have often said.

So if I have one question... What's next for Tono? After a performance like that, you more or less wrote your own ticket anywhere you like.
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Re: I was Yasuki Tono at Winter Court 4, and I have Answers

Postby barswanian » Mon Feb 23, 2015 6:28 pm

If Tono has his druthers? He'll be allowed to stay with Kameyoi, just being an excellent governor.

But he was successful in an arena the Crab aren't normally. I expect the Crab will be using him again, likely in some important political role, unless he can convince them that him being at home is the best thing for the Crab.
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Played Hiruma Todori at Winter Court: Kyuden Gotei; Toritaka Kouseki at Winter Court; and Yasuki Tono at Winter Court: Toshi Ranbo
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