I was Yasuki Tono at Winter Court 4, and I have Answers

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Re: I was Yasuki Tono at Winter Court 4, and I have Answers

Postby barswanian » Thu Feb 26, 2015 9:09 pm

With the Scorpion and Crab ambassadors, Tadama was gave his chop as well as Kakeguchi Todamatsu's and his kaiu blade to Bayushi Atsuto. He was bold enough to approach the Elemental Master of Water and enjoy the Taryu Jiai competition with her. Tadama became a staple of the competitions, placing second in the Sumai and the horse race, winning a horse, sponsoring Hiruma Satoshi in the wager, making it to the semi finals, and smashing the statue in the Crab's bushido contest, winning a barrel of Friendly Traveler. He also ended up befriending the princess, Iweko Miaka. All of this however was overshadowed by the celestial dragon speaking through him in front of many shugenja, a prophecy of coming darkness that Tadama would survive as his witness. Tadama was also instrumental in stopping the Oni's rampage, tackling him off of the roof of the Temple, barely surviving. He managed to find time for romance and courtship. Winning the hand of the future Boar clan champion Heichi Tochiko, to be wed in the summer, instead of marrying the Matsu daimyo, making him one of the most sought after bachelors of the court. He managed a successful courtly romance with Asako Izuna.

Kuni Sango served as both a nakado and diplomat to the Unicorn in the Crab delegation. She and Kaiu Fumiko negotiated favourable terms with the Unicorns were they would not involved themselves in the Crab Clan’s war with the Spider Clan, including the supply of war assets. This also involved the offer of a diamond mine in exchange for their support again the Phoenix Clan.

As a nakado, she found herself tied to the negotiation of marriages for notable samurai, including: Tochiko of the new reformed Boar Clan, Hida Kozan and Isawa Koiso, and the courtship of Iweko Miaka. In addition, she sought out to make favourable arrangements for her single kinsmen in her delegation, preferable those that they had a fondness to. If not that, they were arrangements that were tied to important deals between clans.

She involved herself with a few events this season. Her most notable participation was in the Bowman’s wager with Kuni Tomokazu. She also participated in smaller delegation events involving oratory, storytelling and dancing.

Finally, she and Shosuro Yoshiyuki was arranged for marriage by Ifedayo, Yoshiyuki will be marrying into the Kuni.

A shy but protective yojimbo driven to keep his clanmates safe. A rather "gentle" face of the Crab, this duelist from the Unbreakable Blade did quite well in the Winding Water Banquet, reciting five poems, second only to Tono among the Crab delegates. He participated in several of the investigations of the criminal underworld alongside Yasuki Aitoko, Kasuga Aizawa and Bayushi Norimasa. In day 14th of the court he defended the honor of his sponsor Kasuga Aizawa, killing Daigotsu Kurogane in a sanctioned duel. Tetsuya fell in love with the Imperial princess Iweko Miaka and started to write poetry inspired by her, though at first she was not very receptive. He was her "Secret Heart," working very hard in collaboration with his clanmates to impress the princess, eventually recognized as one of her two strongest suitors. During the meeting with the Imperial Nakodo Miaka attempted to initiate a kiss with Tetsuya, but they were separated by the intervention of Seppun Asagako. The Secret Heart solution was a promiment event on Day 29 on the concourse, and he was married off to the daughter of Seppun daimyo Seppun Nishiko at Miaka's behest- with a dowry paid to the Crab, no less!

Kaiu Fumiko, Officer of the Colonies, was sent to attend court on behalf of her Clan the Crab. She brought with her the unruly and rude prisoner, Asako Jirou. Early in court Jirou had convinced Fumiko's comrades in the Clan to free him to the Phoenix. After some deliberation she relented. She participated in the Bowman's Wager, and judge a portion the Crab Bushido Event. In a cruel twist of the knife the Phoenix asked that she marry her once captive Asako Jirou. For the Duty of the Clan and their goals, she again relented. She had created a magnificent puzzle box as a gift for Hiruma Boma to give to the Imperial princess. This puzzle box was eventually put on display by the Princess herself. Between those events she valiantly coordinated and fought against the Oni attack near the end of court.

Kuni Tomokazu is a young up-and-coming Kuni Shugenja. His knowledge of monsters is peerless, as are his defensive spells. The earnest man, who is a capable sculptor, came into court a romantic and first tried charm Touya, whose child he may have fathered.
Sadly, in his duty as spiritual advisor, he offered his right of interference between Touya and Kageto on the altar of Benten so that Kyoko may come home to her love; Kyoko was cut down that very day, and Tomokazu had to serve as her Voice, as he would for Kaito.
After this, he tried to charm Tochiko, before stepping back as Tadama was chosen, and then Umeko, failing at romance yet gaining a friend.
He is currently betrothed to Isawa Mizuhama, and they have fallen in love together, prepared to face the terror ahead.
Inside, Tomokazu is suffering from a guilt complex, as too friends died this court and he could save almost no-one.
As for his future, Taisho has offered him a position as Yoriki in the Jade; Hida Kozan has to mentor him. And Geiko wants to build an Anti-Taint-Group for the Spider with him.

Yasuki Kaito came to court as a junior merchant courtier, but in reality once worked with Master Coin, Yasuki Jinn-Kuen, to strengthen both the Crab and Yasuki using Kolat assistance. Kaito left the Kolat upon learning of a high level assassination. In court Kaito received an encrypted letter, which started his investigation into the assassination. He promptly got help from Kuni Tomokazu and tried to unravel the plot. Kaito was in the library the night of the fire, and acted to save Yusuke, another possible plot member, from the Mantis' own unstable mind and the collapsing library. In the warehouse Kaito trusted in Jinn-Kuen, and accepted his Kolat conditioning, allowing him to be unaffected by the dark magic which had frozen everyone else. He knew he must free the others to save Kozan because there were so many assassins. He killed the magical musician and then 3 other assassins as he died. Kaito also placed 2nd in Sadane, proving Crab can also be courtly.

Hiruma Boma was dispatched to the capital as the representative of the Imperial Explorers. As Bayushi Shibata's second in command he was tasked with expanding the Explorer's charter to counter growing and changing threats the Explorers have discovered, and help free them from the political machinations of Otomo Suikehime. After being assigned to the Colonial Conclave by the Crab, Boma was able to rally support for the charter expansion he sought. When the final draft was revealed the conclave recommended the Sixth Legion be combined with the Explorers to create a new force of scouts, shugenjas, and cartographers to serve the legions, magistrates, and the Chosen as their eyes and ears. Boma sought out the council of Ifedayo, a retired Scorpion monk and eventually assisted him in investigating a conspiracy that revealed the resurgence of the Kolat. Boma also successfully won back the heart of Suzume Shindo, the true love of his youth. Together they hope to travel the world helping the overlooked masses.

For assembling intelligence dossiers on many delegates of other clans, Aitoko was rewarded with the position of Crab scribe. The young merchant patron was instrumental in negotiating treaties with the Mantis, Lion, and even Boar Clans. Aitoko also played a central role in investigating multiple conspiracies, such as the intimidation of the merchant classes by a shadowy figure in the darkness, the rise of the false Kolat, the use of actual Kolat ciphers to activate a Crab delegate as a sleeper agent, and the disturbances in the Crab ward structure.

The Yasuki also had quite a few lighter moments at court. He was involved with discreet romances, and was an instrumental part in establishing the tale of the Secret Heart, the successful plan to bring Hiruma Tetsuya to the attention of Princess Miaka. He received a gift of fine (poisonous!) ink from influential Scorpion representative Bayushi Geboku, defeated a famed Go master at the goban, placed respectably in an ikebana contest, had a champion win a duel against the Crane karo, and represented the Crab very well at the dais in the Imperial Palace.

Tragically, he died rescuing the Imperial Library from certain destruction, but that is another story...

Yasuki Tono served as the voice of the Crab and as its Delegation Head; a force of personality upon the dais that fended off Spider advances upon Crab treaties as well as attacked the stances of the Spider, causing even his counterpart Susumu Takada in the Spider to retreat from verbal duels with the wily, enduring Yasuki; fending off 3-4 spider and their allies at a time. He certainly did not accomplish this without help, for the wisdom of Hida Tadama, Yasuki Aitoko and Kuni Tomokazu (among others) often advised him on important matters. He finalized treaties with the Lion, Scorpion, Crane, Dragon, Phoenix, Mantis, Unicorn and Imperial families; took part in the creation of the Imperial Navy, won the Winding Water Banquet over Kakita Burei while seeking to immortalize his wife and love Kameyoi, saved a number of poems and scrolls of the Imperial Library, set the Crab upon a course towards joining the shadow war alongside the Scorpion against the minions of the Shadow Dragon and even faced down an oni with nothing but a jar of ink and a crystal trinket, a feat which rewarded him with immortalization within a tapestry at the Imperial Palace.

Hida Tadama was the leader of the samurai in the Ichidou district as the Oni assaulted the ritual atop the Temple to Seven Fortunes. Having expecting trouble after the events of the kolat attack, Tadama awaited the procession of the Devil's Chase in Ichidou wearing heavy armor and carrying his tetsubo. As soon as word hit that there was an oni in the city, and the shugenja told him of their plan to dispell his disguise with a ritual, Tadama rallied the warriors and courtiers near him. Promising to hold the line against an oni attack on the temple. The oni fell before his stalwart defense, and rose again, only to climb the temple walls, again he rallied the defenders, ultimately leaping from the top of the tower to tackle it back to the earth. With the combined efforts of Bayushi Norimasa, Soshi Yorimi, Asako Izuna, Asako Michi, Seppun Yukiko, Akodo Yama, Yotsu Shinzai, and Toku Saiga, they killed the beast, the latter two giving their lives to do so. Tadama nearly mortally wounded, but saved by shugenja on the scene. In the aftermath, the princess arrived on the scene, and placed Tadama in charge of the clean up, and he stood vigil as kuni cleaned the area, and directing all those about to send word the monster was slain, to hunt down its summoner, and to find the princess' yojimbo.

Sango found herself in the Senzai district during the Devil’s Chase, where she received word of the calamity that had happened in the Imperial Gardens. She grouped herself with Mirumoto Jin, Togashi Obote, Ifedayo, Mirumoto Saiko, Shiba Yukimaru, Miya Yasuragi, Ide Doburu, Doji Yukihiro, Kitsune Makiko, Daigotsu Atsushi, Doji Minoru, Shiba Yukimaru, Iuchi Wattu, and Moshi Kawazu. Together, they prepared for the worse and had the peasants in the streets led to their safety at Senzai-za. It was proposed that Sango cast a ward on the theatre to guard it from the invading oni. However, they had little time to enact all parts of their plan and the oni struck. Taking to the frontlines of the battle, Sango assaulted the oni successfully with a few brutal jade strikes, one of its few weaknesses. The monster suffered injuries from the fight and retreated, they successfully defended the district. Elsewhere, Hiruma Boma deployed scouts for similar support, actually surfing a barrel to make an unorthodox attack on the Oni!

She remained in the district to tend to the critically wounded and later aided in the relief efforts in the Ichidou district. From there, she and Yoshiyuki were tasked with Tsuruchi Kinuyo and other chosen to hunt down the one responsible for summoning the oni, to bring justice to the Empire. This is likely a mission that will be embarked on at the end of Winter Court.

WORKS OF A LEGEND, by Hiruma Tetsuya
During the Imperial Library Fire Tetsuya helped samurai and heimin alike organizing the evacuation with the help of two young heimin Akio and Hisao, even risking his own life trying to save a little heimin girl who was trapped. Sadly he could not convince his friend Yasuki Aitoko from getting out together of the burning building. He was devastated with the heroic death of Aitoko.
After the library incident Tetsuya was called by the Emerald Champion and given a position as Chui in the Imperial Legions, a great honor that he accepted and when spring comes he will be part of that honorable and famous fighting force.
During the Devil's Chase incident, Tetsuya fought under the orders of Hida Tadama in the Ichidou district. He charged the Kommei no Oni valiantly and thanks to Yotsu Shinzai's Sacred Mirror he made a deep wound to the monster. He continued to fight, attacking its legs and when it fell for the first time, he along with Kuni Tomokazu and Tadama didn't buy its ruse and continued to attack it. His last attack to the creature was throwing his wakizashi when the Oni began to climb the Temple to its doom. Afterwards he helped with the purification by bringing the stocks of Jade and Crystal of the Crab Embassy.
Finally he helped in the search of Seppun Asagako's body as a favor to the princess to give her friend proper funeral rites.

Kuni Tomokazu has crafted three beautiful statues, romanced Isawa Mizuhama, and buried several friends this court. All while uncovering conspiracies. After Kaito came to him, he deciphered the coded message, got Aitoko involved, and with Taisho and Umeko investigated the flaw in the wards and developed a ritual to make the proto-Kansen a kami, which finally worked in the Lion embassy.
He was involved in the battle with the Oni, both at the gardens and at the Temple, casting Jade Strikes and using Wall of Earth for battlefield control.
During the fire at the library, his skill at shoring up defenses on short notice helped stabilize the building.
Additionally, he was involved in the attack on Kozan at the warehouse, where he failed to save Seppun Arisu, which he tried to do without regard to his own life.
He did save a man's life during the raid on the Warehouse with Aitoko.
He offered to help Geiko with his project, and he has been learning from Hida Kozan, who made him his pupil.
He helped Taisho and Nao, failed in helping Shou and Mizuki.
He also made second place in Tairyu-Jiai, as well as crafting the requisites for both the Draw-Lots as well as the Bushido event.
He made friends this court with Kyoko, Aitoko, Taisho, Umeko, Reiji, Shou, Yorimi, Mizuhama and maybe Geiko. (And sadly, the first two are dead.)
And he offered his statues on the altar of Benten (which is a 6-Raises-Artwork.)

SPLINTER CELL, by Yasuki Kaito
Hiruma Boma and Yasuki Kaito began investigating infiltrations of the Crab embassy a few days into the court season. Their inquiries revealed the presence of two infiltrators and a glyph carved into the sacred torri drum- one of the first instances of the Voice of Heavens glyph. Kaito, Aitoko, and Tadama interrogated the captured Voice agents in the Crab Embassy, succesfully learning of their plans to sow chaos between the clans. Boma discovered the Ship carrying odd cargo with a nervous Mantis merchant. Once the ship returned, Boma tracked its cargo and procured a sample of the main cargo to be analyzed later, passing on his information to Ifedayo.

When Boma arrived at the garden shrine to Benten, he discovered what appeared to be the Komori Daimyo with several attackers apparently closing in. After the first attacker was struck down and revealed to be Seppun Kyosuta, Boma saw past the illusion by centering himself in the fray. Realizing early the "assassins" were truly delegates, and that a praying shugenja was maintaining a spell he never heard him begin, Boma helped take down the impostor quickly, then ensured the safety of the Komori Daimyo. With Boma directing them to the docks, plus the assistance from the spirit of Crab hero Yasuki Aitoko, the investigators discovered the warehouse where the real attack took place.


Boma had multiple meetings with the Naga leaders, including the Zenathaar, the Issut chief of the Asp Warriors, and the Olyah Lore-keeper.

Boma helped Kuni Tomokazu craft an inspired bust as a gift, which was invested with the eternal jade of Hida Yakamo's seventh chakra. It invoked a racial memory within all of the Naga present, remembering the past bond between the Naga and the Crab.

Later Boma acquired a Meeting with the Zenathaar where he outlined certain challenges facing the old Ivory Kingdoms and provided the Naga with a full set of explorer maps of the Colonies. He also highlighted the plight of the Ivinda people, who he knew through his excavations were close allies of the Naga once. The Naga vowed to offer what aid they could when they were ready .
At the gathering under the stars with the Olyah Boma learned certain truths about the nature of the Naga and how they interact with their Akasha. Through other questions he and others discovered that the Naga seek prophecy in the stars just as we do.

Finally during a chance encounter Boma discovers that the Naga are in dire need of food. Boma presented the Zenathaar with a gift of the surplus fish from the Yasuki fleet, so they might rejoin the fight against dark forces sooner. The Zenathaar accepted this gift and has promised one in return when the Naga are able.

AT WHICH TRUTH BURNS, by Yasuki Aitoko

During the investigation into the fake Kolat, Aitoko, Tetsuya, and Kaito found themselves in the library with Yoritomo Mikaru, Bayushi Norimasa, and even Susumu Naishi, along with a traumatized Yoritomo Yusuke and the ronin Fukumiwarai. Unfortunately, the meeting was a trap. A rogue shugenja named Kasai started a magical fire, successfully destroying the Heraldry archives and wiping out years of research into samurai genealogy. Soon, the entire library was under the threat of destruction. While Aitoko, Kaito, and Mikaru successfully helped Yusuke to escape his trauma and the fire, Tetsuya heroically rescued a trapped little girl, and help save the lives of many others.

The plans were thwarted, however, when Yasuki Aitoko successfully collapsed a room on top of the fire's source, smothering the magical flames at the cost of his own life. This noble sacrifice not only stopped the fire, but exposed Kasai, who was promptly apprehended by Naishi, Fukimiwarai, and especially Norimasa, whose skill prevailed over the treacherous designs that forced Fukimiwarai to betray the investigators, if only for a few moments.

Outside, Tono, Tomokazu, Boma and Fumiko joined a veritable horde of samurai from all clans as they worked to rescue the library. Dousing the external flames, the cumulative efforts were enough to accomplish the impossible and save the Imperial Library. Tomokazu, mourning Aitoko's sacrifice, led the gathered samurai in an Utz chant- to remember the fallen, and to recognize their victory.
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Re: I was Yasuki Tono at Winter Court 4, and I have Answers

Postby Yasuki Binbo » Thu Mar 05, 2015 11:13 am

http://wintercourt.l5r.com/viewtopic.ph ... 6f#p262770

Been meaning to ask why did you guys throw this up for the MCa petition?
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Re: I was Yasuki Tono at Winter Court 4, and I have Answers

Postby barswanian » Thu Mar 05, 2015 4:39 pm

Because we're already expending that resource to help the boar, but the mantis didn't want the "move things about, no questions asked" it'd make us look good and count how many minor clans or former minor clans come from the crab.
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