Crab campaign idea

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Crab campaign idea

Postby Thatirishguy » Wed Jul 06, 2016 1:56 pm

Hi ! I'm starting a new campaign with three crabs, a bushi, a kuni shugenja and a witch-Hunter. Do you have a good suggestion for a campaign or an era of play? I would like to have some tension with another clan like the Crane. Thanks in advance for any advice!
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Re: Crab campaign idea

Postby Hida Kokujin » Mon Jul 11, 2016 6:39 am

It really depends on how epic you want to get. A good time period might be the time of the four winds. This is the time of the Second Yasuki War. The problem with the Yasuki wars is the Crab have never really won one. This is good for that big epic conclusion, and showing that there can be way bigger fish to fry in Rokugan. What does it mean to be a Crab when the wall falls?

The third Yasuki war happens during the time of the race for the throne, which I don't recall being a terribly interesting period, but the Third Yasuki War was an outright fight more than the second. This would be good for showing the manipulations of other clans (like the Scorpion whom one could argue started the conflict as a distraction). There is also a ton of conflict that is not about outright fighting as well.

The First Yasuki war comes in at an early place in Rokugan History. It is said that this was the greatest conflict between the two. If you have a fair amount of imagniation this can be an excellent campaign, since the historical events surrounding the war are few and far between.

I also really like the clan war period, for all the clans. There are a few points during the Clan War saga where the Crab made decisions that a Witch Hunter or Kuni would have a VERY hard time agreeing with. Loyalty when your clan joins with evil? Great questions for a samurai campaign. The issue here is that the conflict is with well, everyone.

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