Old L5R player making a new game - Hachigoku

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Old L5R player making a new game - Hachigoku

Postby Pale Horse » Mon Sep 19, 2016 12:28 am

Salutations! <-- I've been trying really hard to bring this back!

I use to be a long-time poster on AEGs Forums back in the day (Pale Horse, in case you recall), and L5R had a huge impact on me (both the CCG and the RPG). You might have even run across my homebrew, alternate L5R posts there--The Other Thunders, or some other nonsense.

Well, over the years the homebrew morphed into an entire game of its own. It's had some rough playtesting already, and as I revise for more I started a blog to take a look at the design process and gather interest for the next round of playtesting. Take a look.

1) Introduction: http://hachigoku.downinthedojo.com/2016 ... ns-of.html

2) Geography and Cartography: http://hachigoku.downinthedojo.com/2016 ... raphy.html

3) History of Hachigoku: http://hachigoku.downinthedojo.com/2016 ... draft.html
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