Toritaka Falconer Basic School

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Toritaka Falconer Basic School

Postby Greyskull » Wed Nov 02, 2016 4:51 am

A few words first. We are told that the Toritaka are the best falconers, but I haven't found any Falconer Path or School for them, to show what they can do with their falcons. We have the Matsu beastmasters who gain a bond with warcats, and we have the Utaku Houndmaster, and of course the Utaku Battle Maiden. It seemed like a good place to add a school.

Toritaka Falconer [Bushi]
The Toritaka are known as the best falconers in the empire, but it was only really after their absorption by the Crab that they were able to fully develop and codify the techniques that really enabled them to shine as falconers.

Toritaka Falconer [Bushi]
+1 Perception
Honor: 4.5
Skills: Animal Handling (Falcon), Athletics, Hunting, Investigation, Kenjutsu, Kyujutsu, any one Skill
Outfit: Light Armor, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, any 1 bow, Traveling Pack, 3 koku.

Rank 1: The Eagle’s Bond -
The Toritaka learns to bond with a falcon, earning him his friendship, and a measure of his speed and senses. You gain the Trained Falcon Advantage for free, as well as a +1k0 to Hunting, Investigation (Notice), Athletics, and to Initiative rolls.
Rank 2: Falcon’s Pecking – The falconer is able to direct his companion as a Free Action, using the falcon to serve in capacities it is already good at, aiding him in combat.
When using the falcon to attack a creature, you gain a Free Raise to the be used on the following maneuvers: Disarm, Feint, Bleeding Wound, and Blind. Also increase the falcon’s Wounds at each level by 5 extra (in addition to the extra 5 from the Trained falcon advantage).
Rank 3: The Falcon’s Wings – The bond between the two deepens and it empowers them both. The Falcon gains an additional 10 extra Wounds per level and a +10 to Armor TN. While the falconer spends a Void Point on Animal Handling (Falcon), Hunting, Investigation (Notice), he gains a +3k1 instead of +1k1.
Rank 4: Speed of the Falcon – As their bond grows stronger, the falcon lends the falconer some of his speed, allowing the falconer to make attacks as a Simple Action when using a bow or a weapon with the Samurai tag.
Rank 5: Eyes from Above – At this level, the bond between them is so great that even when his falcon is not near him, the falconer can see through its eyes. This allows the falconer to use one of the following:
1) Gain an extra +2k0 to Investigation (Notice), Hunting, or Kyujutsu rolls.
2) Use Investigation rolls on the location the falcon is at.

In either case, the falcon has to be within 1 mile per Insight Rank of the falconer for this to be used.
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Re: Toritaka Falconer Basic School

Postby yasuki maral » Sat Mar 11, 2017 2:31 pm

crab clan ally.taskmaster.battle healer.
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Re: Toritaka Falconer Basic School

Postby Hiruma Gacho » Fri Mar 17, 2017 12:52 am

This is cool. I like that most of the Techniques improve both the falcon and the Falconer.

Benefit: Since the Toritaka family gives Perception, I'd give either Awareness (for Animal Handling) or a physical Trait (to make them a better Bushi).
Honor: Caring for and hunting with falcons is one of the most noble pursuits for a samurai, so I'd give this either 5.5 or 6.5.

Rank 1: Since the Trained Falcon Advantage isn't from the core book, I recommend pretending it doesn't exist and naming what the falconer gets in terms that don't require referencing another book. Just a personal preference that I picked up.

Rank 2: Does the falcon aid the Falconer's other attacks, or does the Technique add attacks made by the falcon? The wording is a little unclear. Also, can the falconer direct the falcon to attack separately from himself?

Rank 4: Simple attacks with a bow are a big deal. I would drop that, since nothing about hunting with falcons suggests they should be better bowman than other samurai. If you allow the Falconer to direct the falcon's attacks, perhaps the falcon could attack as a simple action?

Rank 5: I would recommend adding language that the bonuses to part one only apply if the falcon can see what the Falconer sees, unless the intent is that the Falconer's vision is improved as well.

I was out of the RPG for too long to have a good sense of its balance against other 4E schools, but it seems fine in that regard. +2k0 Kyujutsu feels a little high, but it's a Rank 5, and there are some other schools out there that do insane things at 5.
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