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Beta C

PostPosted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 1:49 am
by Yasuki Binbo
https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.c ... lebook.pdf

I think i have a character down

Xp 0/16 advancement
Glory 44
Honor 40

Fire: 2
Void: 1

Fitness 1
Skullduggery 1
Survival 2
Martial Arts [Melee] 2
Martial Arts [Ranged], 1
Martial Arts [Unarmed] 1
Meditation 1
Aesthetics 1

Lord Hida's Grip
Striking as Water

Starting outfit
Lacquered armor, traveling clothes, daishō, ōtsuchi, crossbow, knife, traveling pack,
3 koku.

Derived Statistics:
Resilience: 8
Composure: 8
Focus: 4
Vigilance: 2
Max Void: 1

Giri: Heir of the Haragei technique.
Ninjo: To learn as her mother did.

Heritage: Before his exile from the Sparrow lands Suzume Kenta murdered several Spider bushi in an ambush using the Haragei technique. He passed this technique on to his daughter Shindo who passed it on to Sumire named for Kenta's true love and Shindo's mother.

Passion: Stories
Distinction: Large Stature
Disadvantage: Scorn Spider Clan
Anxiety: Ferocity

Hiruma Sumire, like the grandmother she was named for, stands head and shoulders of most Rokugani with a voice that rings loudly above even the best of peddler's row when she begins a tale.The second born of Hiruma Boma and his prodigal true love Suzume Shindo. Sumire bears the weight of her father's status as the head of the Imperial Explorer Dojo and the onus of continuing the Haragei technique of her Sparrow ancestors. While her brother Ichiro trains and fights in the lands of the Boar, Sumire begins to undergo a warrior's pilgrimage to find the inner peace to master the arts of blade and fist. More than most Crab Sumire is despised by the Spider for her mother's role in their failed clandestine takeover of the Sparrow clan. Life in the imperial city has done nothing to dull her Crab spirit in a maru she will drink, fight, and die as hard as anyone on the wall.