Its Closing Time

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Its Closing Time

Postby Hida Togeriso » Mon Feb 01, 2016 1:55 pm


I'm not the one holding the key. The key that will lock this place up for the foreseeable future. The key that ends all of this.

And just to clarify: I'm not mad about the C3 shutting down. Hell no! I am DAMN PROUD of the folks who created and kept this site running. This was a passion and a labour of love to those gents, and it only sucks that I can't get to each of them right now, shake their hands, thank them very much for the work they did, and buy drinks until we all get sodding, blessedly drunk!

But things change, that is a fact of life. This was going to happen one day and that day is sooner then we wanted it to be.

What will FFG do to L5R? Who knows? They may continue on the path with some changes, they may take it all on a whole new path. They may completely gut it, and leave only a name to draw the unwary in. World War Z, anyone?

But we don't know. Won't get to know until Gencon 2017. Maybe a hint or two a few months before that.

Until then, I wait. It may be closing time soon but time will tell if this place stays locked up, or someone comes along and smashes that lock with a die-tsuchi!

To all of you, I wish all of you the best in life and the courage to get up when life knocks you down. Maybe I'll see you again in a couple years.

To the Crab Clan Catastrophe, thank you for being a place for the Crab Clan and its many, many followers.

If the doors getting closed, make sure the lights are all out. Feb 1st, 2016
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Re: Its Closing Time

Postby barswanian » Wed Feb 03, 2016 1:21 am

It was a hell of a trip. Thanks all.
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Re: Its Closing Time

Postby Yasuki Binbo » Mon Feb 08, 2016 12:21 am

Thanks for having me no other clan would.
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