The Rules - Read Them

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The Rules - Read Them

Postby Yasuki Yamakori » Wed Mar 28, 2012 6:28 pm

1. NO LEAKS! If you know something about unreleased cards, do not post about it. It WILL get you banned, even if you post it by accident.

2. The Admins are always right. The Admins have final say, and the Moderators are their eyes and ears. If an Admin or Mod tells you you're out of line, you're out of line. If you persist you will be dealt with, possibly without being notified beforehand.

3. No Spam. If you have something L5R related that you wish to sell or trade, we have a forum for that. If it is not L5R related, it's most likely Spam. If you are found to be posting Spam, expect your user-name, email, and IP address to all become banned.
Some limited exceptions may be made in the Off Topic forum. But if we deem them to be Spam, expect to be dealt with.

4. One post at a time! That means do not make the same post in multiple forums, and do not double post in a single thread. Posts that violate this rule will likely be deleted without notification.

5. Post it in the right place. We have multiple forums, each for a different purpose. If you post in the wrong place, your post will be moved, merged, or deleted without notification.

6. Don't get trigger happy. Multiple threads with the same topic are frowned upon. Expect duplicate threads to be moved, merged or deleted without notification. If it means you have to do a search to see if the thread already exists, so be it. Exceptions can be made for older threads, but if it's on the front page, no.

7. We are the Crab, and Necromancy is forbidden. Try not to resurrect old threads, unless they're awesome. When we deem them to not be awesome, expect to be dealt with.

8. Stay on Topic. A few side bars here and there are fine. But if a thread is derailed, expect it to have posts deleted, or for the thread to be locked. Without notification.

9. No post padding. No one cares about your post count. If you are found doing this, you will be dealt with.

10. Don't be a dick. Do not insult other forum members. Do not use racial slurs, even if not directed at a specific member. Colourful language is fine, just not directed at people here, or to the staff at AEG. If we think you're being a dick, you may be warned, suspended, or banned, without warning.

11. Respect other people's property. No posting pirated stuff. No posting how to get pirated stuff. Again, no posting leaked stuff, even if it's not from AEG. The Crab Clan Catastrophe does not accept liability or responsibility for the posting of anything illegal or dubious, and puts it squarely on the heads of the person/people who posted it. Any consequences are yours, and yours alone.

12. No Porn. No Genitals. No bare breasts. No asshole. You've got the rest of the internet to see porn, don't bring it here. If you do post pornography, expect to have both all offending posts, and yourself, dealt with.

By posting, you are agreeing to these terms.

- Your Friendly Neighbourhood Yasuki Taskmaster
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