[Contest] Write an Essay, get a CRAB CLAN BANNER

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Re: [Contest] Write an Essay, get a CRAB CLAN BANNER

Postby Mirith » Fri Nov 29, 2013 10:54 am

I play Crab because I prefer to not bathe and smash things with my face!
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Re: [Contest] Write an Essay, get a CRAB CLAN BANNER

Postby Hida Megalodon » Fri Nov 29, 2013 2:09 pm

Why I choose Crab. It was not a hard choice at all. I was first talked into playing L5R from a friend of mine who was interested in the lore of the game. It was the beginning of the Jade Block. I asked him 3 simple questions about the clans to help me choose what was right for me. Question 1 : Is there a clan that embodies the heart and soul of the empire, A clan that would lay down their lives to keep it safe . Question 2: Is their a clan that is tough , rugged and wont back down from any threat ? Question 3: Is there a clan that isn't afraid to get dirty to accomplish what needs to be done? That answer was simple: Crab.

The Crab clan means a lot more to me than just a game, it is a way of life. I feel connected to the style and passion and embodiment that this clan demonstrates every day. its not just the writing or the art or the mechanics that draw me to the clan, its the people who play it. We all share the same ideals and passion and love for what the Crab stand for. Do we care if other clans think less of us, Hell no. Do we care if thousands of monsters from the Shadow land's relentlessly assault our borders trying to get past our hardened defenses, Hell no. Do we care if a poem is spoken in a wrong light or if a artist uses the wrong shade of grey in a painting, Hell no. We are Crab, we are tough, we are the wall , and we shall never break.

The Crab clan has a very jaded history , there not perfect by any means, but they are the very glue that keeps this empire together. Without them it would fall into utter chaos. They have fought day in and day out to keep those who would look down on them safe from unspeakable horrors. Do they want praise for their actions, do they ask for riches and rewards, no .Duty is among the first words that come to mind when I think about the Crab. It is something I try to bring into my daily life at work, home with my kids and in my gaming. There is simply put, no other clan quite like them.

Would I have played L5R if there was no Crab clan, Doubtful. The biggest draw to me playing this game has been my dedication to the clan. Dont get me wrong I love L5R , but the Crab Clan is why I have still kept up with it and continue to want to read and role play and play cards even today , many years from when I started at the end of the Imperial edition moving into jade.

In summation , The Crab have made quite an impact on my life. They have given me strength when I was down, they have given me hope when all is lost and most importantly , they have taught me to never give up. The world could learn a lot from the teachings of the Crab clan.

Duty, Honor and Strength!!
Crab for Life

Hida Megalodon

Added to the list. Thank you! -Genji
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Re: [Contest] Write an Essay, get a CRAB CLAN BANNER

Postby Dirty Yasuki » Mon Dec 02, 2013 2:37 pm

Why I Play Crab

Strength and Honor

As one of the unique factions of L5R, the Crab clan is well-established and has lots of loyal, dedicated fans throughout the world and its history. From the very beginning they played and felt like no other faction I have ever known, and while many things in the game have changed over time, they still retain their flavor. At present, the game continues to evolve with no signs of stopping and that appears to be a good thing as I eagerly await each new update.

I did not come to playing Crab right away. I remember when L5R was first introduced by the card-floppers at my high school, and I was really impressed by it all. I remember how amazing the designs looked, how dynamic the game play was, and how flavorful and engaging the stories were being played out in front of me. At the time, it was pretty hard to believe that pieces of brightly colored cardstock could be so compelling.

After playing Magic and dabbling in other card games for awhile, no other game came close to capturing the feel of the setting that L5R portrayed and that’s one of the things that made it so enticing. The thought that you represented a faction in an interesting and vibrant setting that most people hadn’t seen before and directing members of your faction from your castle for the fate your clan and the overarching story itself was a great incentive to be invested in the stories. Eventually this devotion gave rise to players at tournaments who attempted to influence the outcome of games by bargaining and debating with each other for how the story would progress.

The more games were played, the more stories were made, and you couldn’t wait to read and hear about what happened next.

It was monumental. It was insane. It was brilliant.

The choices in deck construction and how each game was played made the outcome of each match, not only entertaining, but immensely satisfying. Nothing felt as good as knowing that your choices mattered, with your games having real consequences, and that the stories you helped to tell would become history.

I first began playing with a Lion starter from the Scorpion Clan Coup because, the Scorpion starter I wanted was sold out. Later, I bought a Naga stronghold so I could play with my brother. I stopped for awhile, then came back after college in Diamond Edition and I thought I’d pick up where I left off with Lion. However, with the remaining starters limited only to Crab, Phoenix, Shadowlands, and Ratlings, I decided to gamble with the Crab. After seeing Kuon’s statline and how they played, I fell in love and never looked back.

Once I decided on playing with the Crab I learned as much as I could about their background. The themes of their stories centered around constant sacrifice, unrelenting war, eternal vigilance, paranoid pragmatism, and victory even at the cost of honor made the Crab more nuanced and interesting than they were at first glance. They were certainly handicapped in other areas but, it was their flaws that defined and enhanced their character and made their stories even more compelling. No other clan embraced the lessons of their failures and exonerated their dishonored and fallen like them.

From Kisada’s betrayal and redemption, Hida Amoro’s cautionary tale, O-Ushi’s bravery, Kuon’s trials, Kuroda and Sukune returning from hell and death, to the exaltation of Omen and Yakamo, and even the treachery of Kuni Yori and the tragic loss of Yasuki Nokatsu. Heroes and villains, Crab samurai one and all, and I love them for it.

I’ll never forget the time I charged my Kuon xp3 armed with a Dai Tsuchi at my friends Phoenix army led by Shiba Mirabu to break the deadlock. I played Wedge on Kuon and watched as my friend scrambled everything to stop my champion, even though letting me break one of his three remaining provinces wouldn’t stop him from eventually honoring out from 27 family honor. He played Battlefield of Shallow Graves, which I broke with Diversionary Tactics, he then played Refugees on Kuon as a “Hail Mary…” and I countered with Test of Courage and then, passed. The look on my friends face was priceless, as he realized I would win by 1 point of force, was out of options, and then attempted to save his doomed samurai. The aftermath of the battle resulted in him losing half of his army and his province at the cost of sacrificing my champion. Then, we tallied my honor gains and I found that I had jumped from 12 family honor to 40, as Kuon was laid to rest in triumph. From there my love affair with the Crab became a marriage for life.

Since then, I’ve lived other tales of glory from Hida Shara staving off a five strong Ratling army by herself, Hida Katai taking the last Scorpion province alone with the Celestial Crab Sword (as the rest of my army was incapacitated and I was down to -18 honor) and winning a match with Water-Zerkers at the local tourney in five turns (later losing at the finals to faceless Lion honor).

Even hearing about the Tower of Fear resulting from a story pick, World Champion Salman Barakat cosplaying as Hida Kisada, finding the Tao of Fu Leng, and Christoph Donnat nominating Kuni Daigo to the mantle of Jade Champion were all memorable parts of history and make me proud to be a fan of this clan and this game.

I have tried playing other clans and factions, but none have given me the satisfying highs and woes of playing this clan. I may not play as much as before, but every now and then, my friends and I get together to have a game or two and it makes me feel young and alive again to be smashing faces in gray and blue. This is why I love playing the Crab.

Edit: Added to the list. Thank you! -Genji
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Re: [Contest] Write an Essay, get a CRAB CLAN BANNER

Postby Kaiu Genji » Wed Dec 04, 2013 1:19 pm

Just 10 more days left! Get those essays in folks! Deadline is December 14th!

We've got some great entries so far. Thanks to all! :HIDA:
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Re: [Contest] Write an Essay, get a CRAB CLAN BANNER

Postby Yasuki Binbo » Thu Dec 05, 2013 10:35 pm

I wasn't planning on doing this but hey if I can make the worst Crab decks why not try my hand at writing my bad reason.

When Hatsu Tsuru died Hida asked "Which of you destroyed this enemy of the Empire?"
"Kuni did, for only he knew how to trap it," said Hiruma.
"Kaiu did, for only he could create the means of it's destruction," Said Kuni.
"Hiruma did, for only he could lead the beast to our trap, Said Kaiu
A fierce grin broke accross Hida's Face as he looked down on them.
"Now I know you are worthy."

Hello my name is Rob "Yasuki Binbo" McColl and here is why I am the worst Crab Player

I wasn't a Crab player until the gold arc. Before that I was a Unicorn player for a year and a half and I started as a Crane player. This was a largely purposeful denial. The Crab Clan is the definition of what I want in a fantasy setting tough stoics who chose to fight a battle which they were doomed to lose. In every other game and fantasy novel that's my archetype.

None of that is particularly relevant to why I finally put down the saddle and picked up a hammer. At the start of the Gold arc I no longer had a reason to like the Unicorn as I am a Takeda kind of guy and Unicorn were now the Mongols. Since my gaming group had started l5R RPG as its mainstay p&p so I threw down a paycheck on the way of books and started to plan out what I would play. Flipping through the book I of course went straight into the character section and read the archetypes (the witch hunter was the one I wanted to start as) but then moved on to the section about Crab strategy and what I saw was highly unusual for Rokugani military clans.

The Unicorn adopted the barely pronounceable 3 army system divided among the families. The Lion had always had that split between Matsu's disproportionate revenge over quasi-imagined slights and the Akodo's everything by the book armies. But here was the Crab army and it was all of the families working together. There was no Hiruma army and Hida Army there was just the wall and five (the Toritaka had just joined) families doing what it took to make sure Rokugan survived that day.

As hokey as it probably sounds to you cooperation makes it happen (dig it). It’s the Kuni and Toritaka who found out how to kill the enemy. The Kaiu make the tech to make it happen. The Hiruma in addition to being muscle are the guys who keep tabs on everything. Then the Yasuki are the guys who keep the coffers full and everyone fed. All of this so that the Hida can take the responsibility of deciding what the best use of Kuni knowledge, Toritaka observations, Hiruma Intel, Kaiu ingenuity and Yasuki Koku is to keep the Crab going for another morning. Not for honor, victory, glory, wealth, or fame. The wall stands for the simple fact that Hida promised to defend Hantei's Empire from that which would corrupt and destroy it. The wall is Hida's clan and that is it.

Added to the list. Thank you! -Genji
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Re: [Contest] Write an Essay, get a CRAB CLAN BANNER

Postby WiseGuy » Fri Dec 06, 2013 6:07 pm

Why do I play the Crab Clan?

The reason that I play the Crab Clan is that I admire what they stand for; Duty and Strength.

I respect all of the families of the Crab and that they are willing to do their duties for the Empire.

The task of the clan is one that is very extreme and to me the Clan stands for overcoming the longest of odds; not only do the Crab fight against the enemies of the Empire on the Wall in battles that are often against nearly impossible Shadowlands creatures that kill many loyal samurai before being taken down but the threat of corruption from in the past the Taint and now disease threatens the body and soul of the Crab in more insidious ways. That the Kuni are willing to take risks hunting evil wherever it may be sometimes at great costs to themselves is phenomenal. That the Kaiu, the masters of the siege and the forge continue to keep the Wall viable as the Empire largest fortification ever created is truly a work of wonder. That the Toritaka, hunters of Spirits can use their many years of wisdom to become best at their role to lay malevolent spirits to rest is astonishing.

At the same time whilst keeping the Empire secure often in the courts the Clan is dismissed as brutes and uncouth warriors, being sneered at by those of other clans who have not seen the truth. The battle of the Crab courtiers such as the Yasuki to make sure the Clan can continue the martial battle is an important one as any disadvantage will weaken the whole.

As many will know I am a lifelong Hiruma family player, the stealth and skill of the Hiruma when our lands were destroyed, the sacrifice of the retaking of Shiro Hiruma and the ability of the Hiruma to stand and fight when all else would fall; I feel the Hiruma have truly earned their motto; “A single fire against the darkness always burns brighter.”

The other reason I play Crab are the personalities, both the Crab players and characters. I have been a Crab player since the Words and Deeds set in 2008 in all that time I have never come across a Crab player, either in the card game environment, nor the role playing game that I am not proud of. The Crab players I have met have always been happy to help out, to tell stories and to share the enjoyment of a great game.

Over the time I have played, I have immersed myself in the history of the Crab Clan and there are names that shine out across the ages, some famous for mighty deeds and are leaders that will be remembered forever more such as Kisada, Kuon and Benjiro, whilst some lesser well known personalities but still important as they did their Duty for their Clan and their families such as Harou and Ashihei.

Why do I play the Crab Clan? They are Heroes and I look up to them

Added to the list. Thank you! -Genji
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Re: [Contest] Write an Essay, get a CRAB CLAN BANNER

Postby Yasuki Sumiyori » Sat Dec 07, 2013 4:43 pm

The Crab clan is the only clan I could have chosen as they work perfectly with the way my mind works. I am a defensive and reactive player and do my best when I can put my opponent on the offensive. That being said I had no idea what I was doing when I chose them.
Back in 1997 I was getting fed up with Magic the Gathering and I was looking for a new game. I was looking through a magazine when I saw an advertisement that caught my eye. Having no job and living in a relatively poor family I was forced to wait until Christmas until I could start playing. I asked for either Dragon clan or Phoenix, having no idea about the world or the history of the clans. I merely chose what I thought sounded cool; little did I know how wrong I was. I received a Dragon clan starter and a Crab clan starter as the store was out of Phoenix. I honestly chose Crab because that particular starter had one more personality in it than the Dragon starter. Friends taught me how to play and gave me more cards that they thought I could use, and after I learned a bit of the philosophy of the clan I chose to stick with them. I will not say I did not meddle in Scorpion when they became a playable option but I always returned home.
As the story progressed along the path to the second day of thunder, I became invested in the Crab in a way that no other game has managed by commanding my attention. When Hida Kisada took a sword through the spine I was relieved that he had redeemed himself. When Hida Sakune was sacrificed to the shadowlands I felt bad for the poor kid. On a side note I also threw out all of my copies of Kuni Yori. I watched in fascination as so many clans fell to the darkness knowing that mine were safe from succumbing.
It was shortly after Wizards of the Coast bought the rights to L5R that I stopped playing. The changes to the system and what seemed like strange storyline ideas caused me to look elsewhere. However I maintained my connection to the system through the role-play game and through this found out about the fall of the wall and the new alliance with my second favorite clan, the Scorpion. It was time to come back, and now I could play political Crab. With the new system I once again dabbled, Scorpion, Crane, and Unicorn were tried and all left me feeling unsatisfied. Crab is my home, it is my only home, and I am happy to be back.
No one chooses a life of service on the wall, it chooses you.

Added to the list. Thank you! -Genji
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Re: [Contest] Write an Essay, get a CRAB CLAN BANNER

Postby Hida Tengu » Sat Dec 07, 2013 8:14 pm

When a new player at my local game store is thinking about playing Crab, the established players all point to me as the Crab expert. They look through my collection of Crab cards from Imperial Edition all the way to Aftermath, with amazed looks as they travel through time to look at Crab heroes in card form. That same question always pops up somewhere along the line:

Why did you choose the Crab Clan?

I will now tell you the tale that makes everyone laugh: I began playing ccgs beginning with that "other" game.

That's right, when my friends convinced me to move from that "other" card game, it wasn't hard to convince me. The clans offered more of a diverse play style than five colors. You don't see ten people all bandwagon on the same deck build, and definitely don't need to blow several hundred bucks every 2-3 months to be competitive. Best of all, no bullcrap infinite damage combos where you can't possibly win against.

The Phoenix appealed to me, as the idea came to my head that surely powerful elemental magicians would dominate an empire of samurai, right? Sure enough, my shugenja smote Unicorn cavalry with the Wrath of Osano-Wo, my Dragon Steel imbued samurai struck down Crane samurai in duels, and my elemental dragons crushed Dragon provinces with little to no resistance. I was unstoppable.

Then I faced the Crab, and I met my match. Hida Yakamo snapped my Ancestral sword like a toothpick, the oni with his name laughed as he pummeled my elemental dragons into the ground, and their champion Hida Kisada merely looked amused as he walked nonchalantly through the best spells my shugenja could bring to bear. Suffering my first loss, I knelt before the Great Bear and swore fealty to the Crab. Like any ccg player, I wanted to play a strong game, but as the expansions and the storyline developed, my love for the Crab Clan continued to grow.

That was 1995, and I've never looked back.

I have been there for all the ups and downs of my clan. From Kisada's failed siege to take the throne, to his son Yakamo claiming the Jade Hand and leading the Crab to their redemption on the Day of Thunder. I laughed as O-Ushi claimed "A good little wife," and seethed in anger as she fell against Doji Kurohito. I witnessed Kuroda's fall into the monstrosity known as Kyofu, and his brother Kuon's sacrifice against the Destroyers to redeem his Clan's honor. I've played the game through it all, and I've remained with the clan through it all.

Some say Loyalty is a Scorpion virtue, but I'm a proud Crab player, and I've stayed loyal. Never once did I jump on "winning" bandwagons, despite the fact that I could've won great prizes and fame. When the Khol Wall was thrashing the competition, I was one of three people in the playgroup at the time who didn't jump to Unicorn. When Kalani's Landing was dominant, again I was the only Crab who didn't jump to Mantis. Through it all, I stayed a loyal Crab player, though I've been used to playing military Crab, Emperor Edition allowed me to dip into a dishonor deck with the Yasuki, while keeping my military roots with the berserkers.

So you ask me why I play Crab? I'll tell you why...

Hida Kisada, the Great Bear himself, told me to.

Added to the list. Thank you! -Genji
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Re: [Contest] Write an Essay, get a CRAB CLAN BANNER

Postby Iagosan » Fri Dec 13, 2013 12:03 am

I do not play the card game, what draws me to L5R is its rich history and fiction. From Bearers of Jade to the most recent weekly fiction, I find myself daily checking to see what is new in the world of Rokugan. Among Rokugan’s many factions, there is a singular that I choose based its fantastic mythos, duty, personalities, and community. That faction represents the Sons of Hida: the Crab.

The Crab Clan is ruled by its duty: to protect the Empire from the Shadowlands, the embodiment of Jigoku in Ningen-do. But why is this special? The other Clans have duties too, they are obviously as important! And this is true…until one understands what Jigoku really is. In L5R mythology, Jigoku is the Realm of Evil. History and fictions have shown that Jigoku is not a simple place; it is a malevolent entity that seeks to warp the souls of everything in existence.

Jigoku is the worst horror imaginable, and sheer proximity to it will corrupt your soul. Jigoku is sheer terror. Imagine a young child in some nameless war which she is too young to understand. This child does not understand the reasoning or patriotism of this conflict, only that a bomb just fell on her home and destroyed her family and friends. Imagine yourself as this child as the world literally burns around you—not because of the choices that you made or the choices of your parents or family line, but simply because you were in the proximity of something destructive. And imagine that more bombs are not just falling around you…they are trying to get you. Imagine this child being driven insane by such terror—not because of local politics or because one side is right or wrong or more holy; but simply because this child is in the path of terrible destiny.

This is what Jigoku represents, and this is the place it holds in L5R. It is a conscious metaphysical realm that wants to destroy everything it encounters. It is a place so terrible that it corrupted a god; and not some minor deity. Jigoku corrupted Fu-Leng, a Kami and descendant of the Celestial Court; a being so powerful that he was able to bend the very of essence of Jigoku itself—even he was corrupted by this terrible place. What’s more is Jigoku actively tries to taint or corrupt anything in its presence. Taint is the most terrifying thing that a Rokugani can imagine because it could remove a Samurai from the Celestial Order and the guidance of his ancestors. Even Iweko’s “bargain” does not end this threat. There are beings so powerful that Daigotsu—the embodiment of Fu-Leng’s power and now his divinity cannot (or chooses not to) hold entities at bay which can choose to spread the Taint.

This is the duty that defines the Crab Clan, the Terror that it has fought for a thousand years. This duty has lead the Crab Clan not just to victory, but sometimes to evil, treaty, and defeat—all of which have enriched L5R mythos. The Crab Clan has been true villains only once: when Kisada allied with the Shadowlands and marched on the Empire. Even in the Clan’s darkest hour Kisada’s intentions were noble: the Emperor was weak, and Kisada’s actions would unite the Empire and then he could defeat the Shadowlands for good. During the Third Yasuki War the Crab were not bested by martial strength or individual battle tactics, but forced into treaty. The Crane strategy was to stall the Crab advance while simultaneously increasing the cost to maintain the Carpenter Wall, which forced the Crab to an ultimatum of either a) defend the Empire, or b) wipe the Crane from existence. Kuon chose his duty. The only example of Crab defeat involved Kali-Ma’s horde—an attack from an entire nation. And Kuon died honorably for his [impossible] duty. It ultimately took the entirety of Rokugan, the Spider, and the death of a god to defeat this enemy.

The Crab Clan’s duty has lead them to victory, villainy, and even defeat in some of the L5R’s best fictions. And this is not the only reason to choose the Crab. The Crab have the greatest armies, and historically among the best navies. In personal combat a Crab can hold his own against the elite of any family technique; including the Matsu, Mirumoto, and Kakita. In a duel a Crab may not strike first, but can survive the strike and still pummel his opponent. The Crab are not just martial either. The Kaiu family are the greatest engineers and weapon smiths in Rokugan, and Crabs have occasionally proven to be the best artists in history. Crab shugenja practice in the most daunting setting in all of Rokugan. Kuni provinces are devoid of kami from the Taint being blasted away after the Maw’s rampage, and should a Kuni be near the Shadowlands he risks his soul every time the kami are used because kansen are ever present.

Even if one is not sold on the Crab based on merit, the best reason to choose Crab is their community. C3 is by far the most active of the L5R fan sites next to Alderic’s main forum page. Crab players tend to the most organized, and the most helpful. Time and again anyone who post questions, whether they are new to the game, want to discuss strategy, previews, review lists, discus RPG character concepts or stats, or whatever is requested there is always prompt and [usually] helpful response from its members and administrators.

The Crab live by their amazing and terrible duty. This has allowed the Story Team and game designers to create the greatest history, the best personalities, and the most fascinating mythos of any L5R faction. This devotion to duty has brought about the greatest online community that I have been involved with. This is why I choose Crab: they are dutiful, persistent, loyal, martial, artsy. They are the Sons of Hida.

Added to the list. Thank you! -Genji
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Re: [Contest] Write an Essay, get a CRAB CLAN BANNER

Postby Kaiu Genji » Sun Dec 15, 2013 9:10 pm

Entries are now closed. Anything entered prior to this post will be considered. Thank you to all who entered!
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Shawn Carman wrote:Those gods are bitches, man.

Hida Kojuro wrote: We are Crab. We have more force than you. Good luck stopping us. :HIDA:

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