Evil Portents: Crab Guys

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Evil Portents: Crab Guys

Postby Hyoton » Tue Sep 29, 2015 12:28 pm

From OATV, the non renyu crab dudes

Hida Genda
4 2
0 9 1
Commander • Samurai • Tactician
Battle: Melee 1 Attack, with +2 strength if Genda has a Heavy Weapon or has used his rulebook Tactical Advantage ability this turn.

Kaiu Eichi
3 4
3 6 3
Resilient • Samurai • Siege
Other players' Melee and Ranged attacks targeting cards in Eichi's unit have a strength penalty equal to the number of your Fortifications at his battlefield.
Battle: Take an additional action from your Fortification, even if it is at an adjacent battlefield.

Kaiu O-Taro
4 2
0 7 2
Samurai • Siege • Reserve
O-Taro enters play for 1 less Gold during battle for each Fortification attached to the current Province. After you discard a card for an Honor action, give O-Taro +1F. You may Proclaim O-Taro even if it is not your turn.

Kuni Hokinsha
3 2
- 4 1
Earth • Shugenja
Hokinsha has +1C if you are Mantis Clan or have Courtesy. (Courtesy does not take effect if you went first.)
Battle: Straighten your Sensei. You may use its abilities a second time this turn. Take an additional action.

Kuni Tenba
3 3
- 6 1
Earth • Shugenja
Tenba has Cavalry while you are the Defender and he has an Earth Spell.
Battle: Give a target enemy Follower or Personality -3F.
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Re: Evil Portents: Crab Guys

Postby Hida Shirin » Tue Sep 29, 2015 5:00 pm

Personally, I have little faith on the Siege theme in general, though someone will make it work. I am a biased military player. Also, not sure if losing an unbow action is worth the Dynasty flip.

For military options, Renyu and Tenba seem playable. Genda may be a bit slow.

I do like Purity's Fist (5G Jade hammer) though.
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Re: Evil Portents: Crab Guys

Postby wrongspeedy » Tue Sep 29, 2015 5:32 pm

Holy shit we finally got a commander. And he has tactician.

I like Hokinsha. Makes me want to try Daigo again.

There is also an earth spell that's a battle engage that lets you use a personalities ability again. I think. I thought it would be pretty hilarious with Raikohime in a Daigo sensei deck.

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Re: Evil Portents: Crab Guys

Postby Hyoton » Tue Sep 29, 2015 6:49 pm

Genda strikes me as too expensive, but there were some interesting tactical advantage / discard related cards in this and the prior set.

Eichi seems adequate if unspectacular.

O-Taro desperately needs people attacking your forts and is pretty much just meh (meh is worse than unspectacular).

Hokinsha is quite excellent and is playable out of non shug too, and maybe non crab. I would seriously consider a copy of him out of crane tadanobu for example. Or Sachina, and maybe aroru?.

Tenba is probably actually underpriced, but I can't shake the feeling that none of the stuff being done there is that high impact at 6g. There are ways to hand out conq or otherwise stay straight, but as a solo blocker it just seems eh.
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Re: Evil Portents: Crab Guys

Postby Ikoma Hida Suba » Wed Sep 30, 2015 2:46 am

They are the last crabs. Now I understand, why the wall has fallen...
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Re: Evil Portents: Crab Guys

Postby Kaiu Tamotsu » Thu Oct 01, 2015 12:32 am

I think Genda could be a contender. Unlike Toranosuke Exp, tactician makes him a credible threat with Sohei's Ono/Raiden O-Tsuchi/Purity's Fist, so he can make massive attacks AND threaten provinces. Plus he's a decent platform for Standing Fast and weapon + tactician means he can Rewards pretty much any unit. There's also maybe potential to run him with Ayameko and Kisada/Yakamo/Shinoda/Watsuki (HR might be a problem) and be able to use Death of the Winds and Sun Returns without (or, I suppose, with) Aranai.

Eichi is kinda "meh" at first glance. But, between him and Gorobei at 4 chi and Renyu/Kisada it opens up dueling with the honor build. Resilient and Melee/Ranged resistant sounds pretty good, too. Don't have anything to out-rocket other honor, but I could see us having a deck that tears apart military.

O-taro deserves testing... I can't quite figure him out on paper.

Hokinsha has a place with Daigo and Taitaken builds. Oh, and the Oni sensei... And maybe out of clan, as mentioned previously.

Tenba is pretty solid. Decently costed, force penalty goes well with Stones/Divide, being able to get in front of cav is nice. Could see him saving a lot of provinces with Hitomi's Devotion.
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