Kitsuki Judgement and Negation (It doesn't happen)

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Kitsuki Judgement and Negation (It doesn't happen)

Postby Mirith » Wed Mar 13, 2013 12:45 pm

For people's reference, since this comes up a lot:
Kitsuki Judgement cannot have the resulting destruction effect negated. It forces a seppuku, which by definition in the rulebook is a non-negatable effect. There is No effect that will negate a seppuku's destruction, since there is no way to trump "Cannot be negated". Even if you "Negate the actions effects (Bad Kharma, Jinn-Kuen XP2, etc)" All parts of the action go off and are then negated. Since the personality must still commit seppuku, the destruction associated with the seppuku will not be negated.

I am repeating myself, but I wish to be clear.

If you are looking for ways to deal with Kitsuki Judgement, look at any of the various Redirects, Feign Death, Sometimes Empress's Address, and I guess technically Spirit of the Berserker, which is only of limited usefulness, but still will allow you to delay until the turn ends.

Additionally, the "Order Seppuku" (which can only target a Samurai, Courtier or Shugenja) is separate from the Seppuku effect.

From the rulebook:
Seppuku: An act of ritual suicide. If an effect directs a Personality to commit seppuku, apply the following effects: “Rehonor the Personality, then destroy him; these effects will not be negated.”
Additionally, all players have the following ability, known as “Ordering Seppuku”
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