So what is the current ruling on targeting a bowed guy?

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So what is the current ruling on targeting a bowed guy?

Postby Iceman05 » Wed Jan 22, 2014 11:42 am

I'm curious to know if targeting for bowed guys has changed any or if i never understood it in the first place. Take for example Inexplicable Challenge. I know we can target a bowed courtier with its targeting text, but can the bowed courtier be the one preforming the action or do I need some other guy there unbowed to do that? Or, Say I'm at a battle and I'm bowed out. Could I play a Ramifications or a Terrain or something else that doesn't specify that I target an unbowed guy or do I always need an unbowed guy unless the action says tireless battle? I might be remembering things wrong as its been a while since I played, but I thought that even though you couldn't use the personalities printed actions if they were bowed (unless they said you could of course) you were able to use strategies with bowed people if they didn't require in targeting that the target be unbowed.

Thanks all. I know this is kind of a rookie question but Ive been out of the game for a bit. ^^; :HIDA:
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Re: So what is the current ruling on targeting a bowed guy?

Postby Kaiu Genji » Fri Jan 24, 2014 5:40 pm

You may target a bowed card with an action unless the action specifically prohibits it (for example, a Strategy that said Battle: Target your unbowed personality, blah blah)

You may NOT use an ability on a bowed card unless it ALSO says "Tireless". (Like Kisada's Tireless Open: Straighten a Personality or Follower)
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