Shadowlands, maho, false rings in tournament decks.

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Shadowlands, maho, false rings in tournament decks.

Postby wrongspeedy » Tue Nov 04, 2014 1:02 pm

I am getting ready for an Arc tournament in a few weeks. Play testing my Kuni deck at this point because I feel like its my best opportunity to do well. In the past as a Crab player I have been stictly pure of the taint the only exception being the damned version of Kyofu (poor Kuroda).

But I feel like its almost stupid to not run ToD right now. Especially with Kozan. I am not planning on running Tairo (or whatever that spider dood is named). I used to be up to date on what corrupted a deck but I don't know any of those rules anymore. I was wondering if someone could bring me up to date. Is there a different between running two ToD or three.

Also what about the False Rings? I was thinking about running the False Ring of the Void. I will probably end up looking them up on an l5r Wikipedia. Since I don't know the story behind them. Except for a little bit about Fudo.

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Re: Shadowlands, maho, false rings in tournament decks.

Postby Hyoton » Tue Nov 04, 2014 2:24 pm

My impression is that whether decks are corrupt or not doesn't matter at the moment. During kotei season this year AEG powers that be were going to review the top 2 decks for each tourney for ideas to put into the L5R novel coming out 2016, and they've (via brand manager?) expressed interest in going back to making corrupt/not corrupt decks affect the story. But nothing solid on the latter front so far.
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