'any location'

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'any location'

Postby Hida Bob » Mon Aug 03, 2015 3:51 pm

+Old guy confusion reigning supreme.
I have done searches and it has been fruitless. the question is: I.E. The Endless Plains of the Unicorn has the following action: Battle/Engage: If he would be opposed, move your target unbowed Personality in a Cavalry unit at any location to the current battlefield. Are the provinces a legal location to move to the current battlefield? It doesn't say 'Recruit' which I thought is how you get personalities out of the provinces.
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Re: 'any location'

Postby Hida Darryl » Tue Aug 04, 2015 2:57 pm

Any location means exactly what Any Location means. As long as the target is a legal target (IE A personality in play in a cavalry unit) it doesn't matter if they're at home, at another battle, in your backpack, at a fast food joint, or at your actual real home because you accidentally left them there but played them in this game legally somehow. You can move them to this battlefield.

There are things that will stop the move in such as card effects, being a personality that isn't actually in play such as a personality that you haven't bought yet, or having attacked already this turn. To give practical examples:

I have Moto Naleesh at home and bowed because she got into a fight at a sake house. I can bring her into the battle with the Endless Plains of the Unicorn's Battle/Engage because she is in play, and in a cavalry unit assuming she has no infantry followers and still has the cavalry keyword herself.

I have Moto Naleesh in my provinces and have not bought her yet, even though I plan to in my dynasty phase this turn. I can't bring her into the battle with the Endless Plains of the Unicorn's Battle/Engage because she is not yet in play and the action does not being her into play.
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Re: 'any location'

Postby Yasuki Yamakori » Wed Aug 05, 2015 6:26 am

You can't move a unit that isn't in play Bob.

A unit can only be in someone's home or at a battlefield, barring very specific circumstances (such as being outside of the game).
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